Turning Connectivity into an Emotional Experience

We live in an age where everything is connected, and haptic technologies will drive the creation of realistic experiences in a digital world. For example, when you touch a photo or a video displayed on your tablet’s screen, an actuator inside the device responds with forces and vibrations, giving you the sensation of actually touching the object shown.

Haptic technology transmits information via the sense of touch rather than seeing or hearing. It will bring about real sensitivity in the digital world by expressing the texture of displayed images and providing tactile feedback.
TDK’s PiezoHapt™ is an ultra-thin vibration unit comprising a multilayer piezoelectric element and a vibration plate. With low power consumption, it realizes real-time and detailed vibration patterns.
TDK Technologies

Hoping to spread the medium of tactile sensing in society

Takashige Sasaki
Piezo & Protection Devices BG
TDK Corporation

TDK’s PiezoHapt™ is equipped with a piezoelectric element that produces vibration and force when voltage is applied. This ultra-thin vibration unit is able to deliver wide-ranging tactile feedback with low voltage.

Since a person’s sense of touch is extremely delicate, a fast response is essential for devices in which the display feels uneven. The PiezoHapt™ responds instantaneously and enables sensitive expression transmitting the sense of touch. A car driver can understand their actions on the control panel, like whether a dial has been rotated or a switch pushed, intuitively without looking down at the display and so can keep their eyes on the road and drive with peace of mind.

Furthermore, by combining with sound, people with vision disabilities could operate touch panels in convenience stores, for example, without any problem. Tactile feedback technology has wide-ranging potential. Let’s hope this medium of tactile sensing spreads in society!


Creating a smart society with sophisticated integration of cyberspace and the real world

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects everything around us to a network and exchanges data not only between computers, smartphones and other information and communication devices but also cars, household appliances, industrial equipment and medical devices. IoT connectivity technologies are creating new value and culture in our society and lives.

The IoT is a complex information system comprising cloud services, networks, devices, and others. The network collects different data from the various sensor technologies embedded in IoT devices. AI analyzes these huge amounts of data to create a system that integrates the cyberspace and the real world in a sophisticated manner. IoT systems are leading to innovations and changes in all kinds of fields, including business, industry, medicine, and agriculture.