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Disclosures of Information

[ Communication with society and disclosure of information ]

The TDK Group maintains fairness and transparency by means of timely and accurate disclosure of certain information to its shareholders/investors and other stakeholders. In addition, the TDK Group shall actively and widely communicate with society, and its stakeholders including customers, business partners, employees, shareholders/investors, and local communities, and shall pay heed to their expectations and needs, and values and opinions that are different from those of the TDK Group, which shall, from time to time, be reflected in the TDK Group’s corporate activities.

Objectives of Investor Relations Activities

The objectives of TDK's investor relations activities are to develop a long-term relationship of trust with stakeholders by fulfilling its responsibilities not only to shareholders, who have entrusted administration of the company to management, but also to all other stakeholders including investors and analysts, through the faithful and fair disclosure of information, and also to obtain their confidence and esteem through bilateral communication. In order to pursue these objectives at all times, TDK continuously discloses necessary information and conducts investor relations activities in such a manner that third-party opinions can be used to improve management.

Active Promotion of Investor Relations Activities

In consideration of the objectives of its investor relations activities as described above, TDK believes that it must provide to capital market participants (including shareholders, investors, and securities analysts) accurate information that responds to the needs of the persons receiving it. To this end, TDK holds financial and other briefings, providing management the opportunity to engage in direct dialog with capital market participants. The investor relations Web site seeks to provide business and financial information, management strategies, and other material management information in a impartial and easy to understand manner.

Investor Relations Organization

The president acts as chief executive officer, and the IR staff within IR&SR Group carries out planning, management, and implementation of investor relation activities.

*The IR staff within IR&SR Group acts as the main point of contact for investor relations activities.

Please contact the IR staff concerning visits and reporting
Telephone : +81-3-6778-1068     ■ Fax : +81-3-6778-1177

Investor Relations Activities

  • Financial briefings : Four times annually (quarterly)

Corporate Communications Tools

Publication Month of Publications (Planned) WEB
Integrated Report (guidebook for investors) September Japanese  |  English
Investors Guide (data for investors) June Japanese  |  English
TDK Today (newsletter for shareholders) June and December Japanese
Company Profile
(introduction to overall corporate activities)
Updated as necessary Japanese  |  English
IR Website Updated as necessary Japanese  |  English