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Purchasing Principles

This site explains TDK’s purchasing activities and policies,and the procedures involved.

"Global Partnership Purchasing"

TDK engages in global production with production bases in Japan and other Asian countries and territories, Europe, the Americas, and Europe. Within the procurement activities that support production, the development of global procurement structures is crucial, and we strive to use those systems to develop products rapidly to remain competitive in the race to be first to market in the electronics industry.

Production bases engage in local procurement, but in today's society with ubiquitous IT networks, materials procurement activities require close collaboration with suppliers in ways that overcome time and distance. In addition, measures to fulfill corporate social responsibilities such as compliance with applicable laws and regulations, observance of social norms, and preservation of the global environment are promoted actively through partnerships between TDK and its suppliers.

  • Procurement & Logistics Group General Manager Kenichiro Arimura