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Main Procurement Materials

This site explains TDK’s purchasing activities and policies,and the procedures involved.
Classification Items
A Raw Material Dielectric material, magnetic material, resin, target material, etc
B Sub Material Functional film, solvent, plating material, binder, resist, sealant, etc
C Equipment/Building Eqpt for Production, eqpt for utility, building construction & repair, etc
D Packaging Material Carton, carrier-tape, reel, label, etc
E Indirect Consumables Glove, filter, lubricant, grinding oil, general consumables, etc
F Magnetic Components Core, magnet, magnetic sheet, etc
G Office Supplies Stationary, office machines, uniform, etc
J Electrode Material Conductive paste, Metallic powder for paste, solder, etc
K Die/Tooling Die, etc.
L Cable Kit Cable Kit, etc.
M Electrical Components Semiconductor, passive component, printed circuit board, etc.
P Mechanical Components Resin molded goods, metal processed goods, parts by die casting, etc
R Application Specified Jig/Tool Blade, grinding stone, crusher ball, heating element, refractory (sagger, setter), etc
U Energy LPG, kerosene, nitrogen gas, electric power, etc
W Wire Cable, enamel wire, plated wire, etc.
Y Service Indl waste, envir preservation, program dev, consulting business, outsource statement of work, etc

Requests to establish new supply relationships with TDK for one or more of the main materials that TDK procures must be made by completing and submitting a New Supplier Application Form. The information will be added to TDK's supplier database and used when selecting new suppliers. If your abilities match TDK's needs, a TDK purchasing agent will contact you.

Registered information will not be shared with any parties other than TDK and its affiliated companies.

New Supplier Application Form