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TDK Supplier Code of Conduct

This site explains TDK’s purchasing activities and policies,and the procedures involved.

1. Labor

  1. 1) Respect the human rights of workers and do not perform any forced labor. Identification cards or passports will not be forfeited by the workers.
  2. 2) A child who is less than the working age will not be used in any manufacturing process. Also, for workers under 18 years old, they are not engage in nighttime work or overtime work.
  3. 3) Workers should not engage in long working hours leading to reduced productivity, injury or illness. Workers shall be allowed at least one day off every seven days.
  4. 4) The compensation paid to workers follows the local minimum wage, and pays overtime and benefits in compliance with the law.
  5. 5) Work to ensure that inhuman treatment such as sexual harassment for workers does not occur, and set up disciplinary policies and procedures in the case of occurrence.
  6. 6) We will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, gender, gender identity and expression, ethnicity or national origin by wages, promotion, awards, training, etc. of workers.
  7. 7) Respect the right of workers to join or participate in trade unions in order to conduct collective bargaining.

2. Health and Safety

  1. 1) In the working environment of the workers, reduce the hazards through design, engineering management and training against potential hazards.
  2. 2) Identify potential emergencies and notify employees and provide safe evacuation plans if an emergency occurs.
  3. 3) For occupational accidents and diseases, we classify and record the cases, and carry out necessary treatment, investigation and corrective action.
  4. 4) When workers are exposed to chemical, biological and physical substances, the risk is reduced by design and engineering management.
  5. 5) When workers carry out heavy work such as lifting heavy objects and standing work for a long time, their risks are identified, evaluated and managed.
  6. 6) Assess the safety hazards of production and other machines. Install and properly maintain interlocks where machinery may be an injury hazard to the employees.
  7. 7) Workers will be provided with clean toilets, drinking water, sanitary food and food facilities. Worker's dormitories also clean and secure, and provide adequate personal space.
  8. 8) Health and safety related information shall be clearly posted in the facility and accessible / understood by all workers. Workers shall be encouraged to raise safety concerns.

3. Environment

  1. 1) All necessary environmental permits and registrations are kept up to date.
  2. 2) Identify the sources of pollutants and waste, and minimize them by installing and managing pollution control equipment. In addition, we do not waste natural resources such as water and fossil fuels, and control the amount of use by changing production processes and replacing materials.
  3. 3) Appropriately manage chemical substances that pose a danger to humans and the environment.
  4. 4) We will properly manage solid waste (other than harmful substances).
  5. 5) We will properly treat and monitor volatile organic compounds and corrosive substances before they are released to the atmosphere.
  6. 6) Prohibited or restricted substances used in products and processes comply with applicable laws, regulations and TDK Green Procurement Standards;
  7. 7) Manage water by monitoring water sources and drainage.
  8. 8) We will work to minimize energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Ethics

  1. 1) Do not engage in bribery, corruption, extortion or embezzlement of any kind.
  2. 2) Do not demand or promise any bribe or other inappropriate gain.
  3. 3) All transactions are conducted transparently and correctly described in accounting books and records. Information on labor, health and safety, environmental activities, performance, etc. will be disclosed in accordance with general business practices.
  4. 4) Respect intellectual property rights and protect customer and supplier information.
  5. 5) We strive for fair business, advertising, and competition.
  6. 6) We will maintain confidentiality and anonymity for whistleblowing from suppliers and employees, and protect the whistleblower from retaliation.
  7. 7) It is reasonable that tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold contained in the product are not a direct or indirect source of funds for the armed group committing serious human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo or neighboring countries. We will work to guarantee that.
  8. 8) We will consider the privacy of personal information such as suppliers, customers, consumers and employees.

5. Management system

  1. 1) Establish a corporate social and environmental responsibility policy approved by executive management.
  2. 2) Identify senior executives and company representatives responsible for ensuring the implementation of management systems for labor, health and safety, environment and ethics.
  3. 3) Identify and monitor applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements.
  4. 4) We conduct risk assessment and risk management related to legal compliance, labor, health and safety, environment and ethics.
  5. 5) Create goals for improving social responsibility and environmental responsibility.
  6. 6) Train managers and workers to meet policies, procedures, improvement goals and regulatory requirements.
  7. 7) Provide workers, suppliers and customers with accurate information on policies and performance.
  8. 8) In the implementation of the Code, we will maintain a system of complaints such as employees' understanding and reports on violations of the Code.
  9. 9) Regularly evaluate compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and requirements such as this Code.
  10. 10) We will correct any deficiencies pointed out by internal and external assessments and audits.
  11. 11) Create and maintain documents and records for regulatory compliance and appropriate privacy protection.
  12. 12) Provide suppliers with the requirements of the Code and monitor compliance.

6. Information security

  1. 1) We will properly manage the storage location and removal method from customers and keep confidential information from leaking out.
  2. 2) We will properly manage PCs used in our company so that they are not exposed to network threats.

7. Supply chain initiative

  1. We will ensure that the above articles are adhered to throughout the supply chain, including upstream sub-suppliers such as raw material manufactures and manufacturing contractors.