Living Healthier with Technology

Having the ability to accurately monitor your health, anytime and anywhere, can help detect illness at an early stage. Inertial measurement units (IMU) perform an essential function in wearable devices, sensing and tracking human movement with high degrees of accuracy to support biometric measurements. Further, by connecting to the network, your physician will be able to watch over your health right along with you.

Sensors embedded in wearable devices measure information such as distance moved and heart rate. Through remote monitoring, you can quickly give the health diagnostics and know about changes in your health condition.
TDK’s IMU is a sensor unit combining an accelerometers and a gyroscope. It measures the amount of activity by accurately detecting a person’s movement, rotation, inclination, and others.

Utilization of data and technology will bring forth innovations in the field of medical/health care

Due to progress in innovative medical technologies, the average life expectancy of human is increasing. We now face the challenge of maintaining quality of life and maximizing the years of good health without restrictions to daily life. In addition, the trend of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), which uses the IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, robotics, and other technologies, is also embracing the field of medicine/health care.

Innovations in medical and health care technology advance as we move toward the age of 100-year life expectancy. They include daily health management through wearable devices, online consultations via the Internet, image diagnosis using AI and the development of new drugs, surgical support robots, medical services using AR/VR, and personalized medicine and treatments.


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