A Partner Who Is Always by Your Side

The day is nearing when robots will join us on our travels, support us in our daily lives, and become valued partners. A robot equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS) technology will be able to communicate with you smoothly by constantly acquiring steady visual information even during intense movement, engendering amazing experiences with your robot.

Sensors are essential for the high-level control of robot movement. By accurately grasping surrounding conditions and their own state through cameras, microphones, temperature sensors, angle sensors, inertial sensors, and so on, it is possible for robots to engage in autonomous movement.
OIS enables cameras to take photos with no blur. The camera module actuator (CMA ) moves the lens with the movement of the camera, canceling out the blurring and stabilizing the image.

Realizing a society in which robots and humans live together and enrich each other

Robotics, which combines electrical, machine, and information engineering, is a state-of-the-art technology for the design, manufacture, and control of robots. In recent years, the latest inventions in robotics have led to robots engaging not only in industrial assembly, transportation or inspection at factories but also in emerging technologies such as service robots that can perform household and nursing care work.

The development of humanoids (human-like robots)—carrying AI, sensors, actuators and that are capable of communication with humans—is progressing at lightning speed. Robots will not only be as a substitute for humans, but will help to create a new society in which robots and humans coexist and improve each other’s abilities.


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