Anytime, Anywhere, Anything: Delivering a More Connected Future

What kinds of new changes will advances in communication technologies bring to our lives? Augmented reality (AR) powered by ultra-high-speed, high-bandwidth communications will further accelerate the fusion of the real and the digital worlds, while vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications will allow for two-way interaction between next-generation automobiles and public infrastructures. Once drones and robots are connected in the near future, they will have the potential to generate unprecedented innovation.

Operation management systems utilizing next-generation mobile communications are essential for the safe operation of drones for distribution. Ultra-high-speed and high-bandwidth communications will enable the monitoring and remote control of multiple drones in real time.
TDK’s chip antennas are compact, high-performance, and multiband-responsive. The applications of chip antennas includes smartphones, wireless devices for vehicles and base stations, navigation, Bluetooth, wireless LAN, and supporting wireless communications in various equipment.

Transcending communications infrastructure to become the core of social infrastructure by connecting vast amounts of data in real time

The Beyond 5G next-generation communications system, which is expected to be introduced by around 2030, will further advance the functions of 5th generation network communications, which are characterized by high speed and large capacity, ultra-low latency, and multiple simultaneous connections. The features of Beyond 5G will be its ultra-low power consumption, amounting to just one-hundredth that of 5G; its exceptional safety and reliability, including security and disaster strength; its autonomy in enabling devices to cooperate without human intervention; and its expandability enabling seamless connection with satellites and so on.

Against the backdrop of the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT), digital transformation (DX), and so forth, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies will enable the real-time processing of vast amounts of data from around the world. Transcending the conventional communications infrastructure, it is expected soon to become the core of social infrastructure.


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