A Whole New World, Right Before Your Eyes

Ultrasmall full color laser modules will enable you to experience augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) with the ease of putting on a pair of glasses. Vivid, wide-field images are projected in front of your eyes by casting a laser directly onto the retina. With AR capabilities, you will be able to navigate your way through a trip or interact with friends in the metaverse. New technologies will open a path to the future of “smart” lives.

The metaverse is another virtual world expanding in digital space. For easy access, it will be essential to have compact and light imaging devices that can project high-resolution images.
TDK’s ultrasmall full color laser modules are devices that display images in AR/VR smart glasses. These modules enable an image to be projected onto the retina of both eyes, reaching a wide angle. They will contribute to the compactness and lightweight of smart glasses.

From entertainment to business, possibilities expand from the metaverse

Technologies like VR enable a realistic experience of the virtual world, while AR overlays the virtual world onto the real world. These technologies are being used to create simulated experiences not only in entertainment, but in corporate education and training, as well as in the travel, tourism, and shopping industries.

The metaverse—which allows users’ avatars, their alter egos, to enter exit and interact in three-dimensional virtual spaces on the Internets—also attracting attention as a new tool to extend business and communication opportunities by creating virtual shops, virtual offices, virtual events, and so forth.


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