TDK at a Glance for Investors

Growth Strategies


What kind of measures has TDK taken?

We have expanded in new technologies through M&A.


TDK × Lambda

JapanPower supply manufacturer

TDK is building an overwhelming advantage in the power supply market by integrating the industrial power supply technologies and sales strengths of Lambda, creating power supply devices made with TDK's own materials and materials technologies.


ChinaLithium battery manufacturer

TDK acquired the lithium polymer battery manufacturer Amperex Technology Ltd. (ATL) to strengthen its materials technologies in the field of energy, where strong future growth is anticipated.
Currently, TDK is a leader in the field of lithium polymer batteries.



ThailandHDD suspension manufacturer

HDD suspension is a critical part in a magnetic head. Magnecomp Precision Technology Public Co., Ltd. (MPT) was made into a subsidiary, increasing TDK's technological strength in this area. Being able to manufacture suspensions in-house boosts TDK's competitiveness in the HDD magnetic head business.



GermanyTop passive component manufacturer

TDK is strong in general-purpose products, selling them primarily in Asia, Japan, and North America. EPCOS AG is strong in custom-made products, selling them primarily in Europe, South America, and India. The acquisition of EPCOS increases the breadth and depth of TDK operations in various business areas, markets, and product categories.


TDK × Micronas

SwitzerlandLeading supplier of Hall sensors

We will combine Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG’s automotive and industrial machinery sensor technologies and control technologies, with TDK’s magnetic sensor business, which has strengths in magnetism, to further accelerate growth strategies in the sensor business. The combination of each company’s mutual strengths will underpin development of innovative products, enabling TDK to lead the magnetic sensor industry.

TDK × Hutchinson

United States
United StatesManufacturer of HDD suspension and actuators for camera modules

The acquisition of HDD suspension manufacturer Hutchinson Technology Incorporated will strengthen both TDK’s HDD suspension business and the entire HDD head business, as well as strengthening the actuator business for camera modules, which is seeing growing demand. TDK’s share of the global HDD suspension market expanded to over 60% with this acquisition.

TDK × Tronics

FranceMEMS sensor manufacturer

With the acquisition of Tronics Microsystems SA, which possesses advanced MEMS technologies, TDK entered the rapidly growing market for inertia sensors. It adds another important component in TDK’s strategy of expanding and enhancing its portfolio of cutting-edge sensor technologies.


TDK × ICsense

BelgiumLeading IC design company

TDK will make ASIC manufacturer ICsense NV into a wholly-owned subsidiary to further strengthen its sensor and actuator business. ASICs perform processes essential to sensor products by reading the values detected by sensors and conducting signal processing. They can be used not only in magnetic sensors but also in other sensor products, and even in non-sensor products.

TDK × InvenSense

United States
United StatesGlobal inertia sensor company

With the acquisition of intertia sensor provider InvenSense, Inc., TDK will realize new sensor solutions in the IoT, automotive, and ICT fields. Through its series of acquisitions from Micronas to InvenSense, various new sensors were added to TDK’s existing sensor portfolio such as magnetic, temperature, and pressure sensors. As a result, TDK’s manufacturing business now covers all non-optical sensor markets.