TDK at a Glance for Investors


Since being founded in1935, TDK has continued to grow by developing revolutionary, groundbreaking products.

Commercialization of ferrite

Ferrite is a magnetic material invented in 1930 by researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. TDK was founded in 1935 with the aim of commercializing this innovative locally developed electronics material.

Ferrite was originally invented and developed in Japan

Recognition of Ferrite Commercialization as IEEE Milestone!

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), an international academic society related to electricity and electronics, recognizes technological achievements that have contributed to society and industry as IEEE Milestones. In 2009, the Development of Ferrite Materials and Their Applications by TDK and the Tokyo Institute of Technology received the award, becoming the 89th IEEE Milestone worldwide and 10th in Japan.

IEEE Milestone plague
IEEE Milestone plague

Development of world's first cassette tape designed for music

TDK developed the first Japanese-made cassette tape, revolutionizing music life. The tapes were a massive hit in the global market, and the TDK brand became a household name around the world.

The SD cassette tape was used on the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, when humankind first set foot on the moon

Development of fine multilayering technology that overturned the conventional wisdom that "coils are for winding"

TDK developed the world's first multilayer chip inductor from the original idea of not winding but rather building up layers of wires. Even today, this invention is still contributing to the creation of smaller, lighter electronic equipment.

Our fine multilayering technology is an essential technolgy for making smartphones smaller and thinner.

Achieving world-leading performance for HDD magnetic heads

Hard disk drives (HDDs) are used as large-capacity recording media in devices such as personal computers. In the field of magnetic heads for HDDs, requiring nanoscale thin-film technology, TDK possesses the world's highest level of technological prowess.

TDK has developed technology able to control minute sizes of one-millionth of a millimeter

Origin of the company name

When it was originally founded, TDK was called Tokyo Denki Kagaku Kogyo. However, in 1983, this name was changed to TDK, taken from the first letters of the first three words (Tokyo, Denki, Kagaku).

Tokyo Denki Kagaku TDK

Meaning of the logo

The TDK logo uses triangles and squares to represent electronic computers and magnetic materials (substances with the property of adhering to magnets) and expresses the meaning that TDK "connects important parts of the electronics industry." Combined with the letters TDK, it is the symbol guaranteeing the quality of TDK products and services.

Symbol of connection with the world TDK