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[ 3rd Quarter of fiscal 2013 Performance Briefing ]Recording Device Business

Shigenao Ishiguro

Mr. Shigenao Ishiguro
General Manager
Data Storage & Thin Film Technology Components Business Group

We are looking at the HDD market for this current fiscal year. As of October-end last year, we made our forecasts for this fiscal year, about 575 million units. That was our forecast last year. Looking at the actual figures for 3Q and 4Q, you can see that the numbers actually went slightly down to 566 million units. Looking at the revenue for recording devices and head devices, it was 60.2 million yen for 3Q. For 1Q in previous fiscal year, the shipment base being 100, 107 ? this was actually up more than we expected last time. In 4Q, the revenue forecast is going to be 53 billion yen and the shipment index being 83, so it will come down. I believe it will be a temporary phenomenon. In 3Q, we had some demand, pulled out of 4Q, we shipped out in advance, and customers, production, and planning is another reason behind this. This concludes my Recording Device Business report. Thank you for your kind attention.