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[ 1st Quarter of fiscal 2013 Performance Briefing ]Recording Device Business

Mr. Shinichi Araya Director Senior Vice President

Mr. Shigenao Ishiguro
General Manager
Data Storage & Thin Film Technology Components Business Group

Starting from this month, I will be in charge of the head business. My name is Ishiguro and I would like to request for your best regards.

Recording Device Business

Now we would like to go into the report of the recording device business. First of all, now Mr. Momozuka has reported about this, but I would like to first talk about the HDD market. In regards to the HDD market, the forecast that was made by our company in April estimated the HDD demand to be 700 million units. Currently though, as of the end of July, we have revised this to 660 million units.

Next, in regard to the recording device business for shipments and sales, I would like to report the following: For the fiscal year ending March of 2013 for the first quarter, the net sales was 59.9 billion so if we assume 100 to be the first quarter shipments of FY March 2012, then it would be 109 for this quarter. We had anticipated that shipments would increase and as already mentioned there has been stagnant demand for PCs and there were adjustments in production and so on. Compared to 100 in the case of the first quarter, it was 109 for this quarter this year, and as for the projection for the second quarter, we are anticipating 58.2 billion yen and for the number of shipments, we believe that it will be flat at 109 with the first quarter of this fiscal year. With that, I would like to put a close to my report. Thank you very much.