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1st Quarter of fiscal 2006 Performance Briefing(Announced on Jul. 28, 2005)

This is a record of the proceedings at the Performance Briefing for the 1st Quarter of fiscal 2006, from April 1, 2005 through June 30, 2005, which was held on Wednesday, July 28, 2005, at Tokyo Shoken Kaikan in Tokyo.

Consolidated Results
Mr. Seiji Enami
Corporate Officer
General Manager
Finance & Accounting Department
HDD Head Business Outlook
Mr. Atsuo Kobayashi
Senior Manager
Japan Operation
HDD Head Business Division
Data Storage & Thin Film Technology Components B.G.

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Cautionary Statements with Respect of Forward-Looking Statements

This meeting contains forward-looking statements, including projections, plans, policies, management strategies, targets, schedules, understandings and evaluations, about TDK and its group companies that are not historical facts. These forward-looking statements are based on current forecasts, estimates, assumptions, plans, beliefs and evaluations in light of information currently available to management.
In preparing forecasts and estimates, TDK and its group companies have used as their basis, certain assumptions as necessary, in addition to confirmed historical facts. However, due to their nature, there is no guarantee that these statements and assumptions will prove to be accurate in the future . TDK therefore wishes to caution readers that these statements, facts and certain assumptions are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties and may prove to be inaccurate.
The electronics markets in which TDK and its group companies operate are highly susceptible to rapid changes. Furthermore, TDK and its group companies operate not only in Japan, but in many other countries. As such, factors that can have significant effects on its results include, but are not limited to, shifts in technology, demand, prices, competition, economic environments and foreign exchange rates.