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Background of Identification of Key CSR Issues

Importance in Our Company

In accordance with our Medium-Term Plan which started in fiscal 2018, we are focusing on the three priority markets of automotive, ICT and industrial & energy, taking advantage of our proprietary technology development capabilities to open up new business opportunities and realize Monozukuri reform. The overall aim is to offer products that make a meaningful contribution to society while also resulting in a sustainable improvement of corporate value.

Stakeholders’ Expectations

Responding to climate change by harnessing TDK’s core technologies, in particular energy conservation and renewable energy, promote the development of new technologies and the spread of products that help to bring about a low-carbon society.

Basic Concept

Contribute to the world through technology is the contribution to the society by TDK’s business. Toward this end, we are focusing on innovative technology development in our priority markets of automotive, ICT, and industrial & energy, helping to save, store, and reuse energy and solve other pressing issues that modern society is facing. Furthermore, the pursuit of zero-defect product quality based on superior technological competence and realized through a unified production process that extends from the raw materials to the final product will continue unchanged in the future. Providing high quality products and services is our way of striving for the advancement of society.

Fiscal 2020 Goals and Achievements

Key theme 1: Addressing Social Issues by Developing New Kinds of Products the World Has Not Yet Seen

Goals of FY2020 Achievements in FY2020
  • To achieve the set goals of each Business Group
  • To identify business areas and product fields that the TDK Group should aim toward in the medium to long term from a social issue perspective.
  • We connected the business domains and product fields that the TDK Group as a whole will focus on based on the long-term portfolio in our Medium-Term Plan with SDG targets and set numerical goals.

Key theme 2: Pursue Zero-defect Product Quality

Goals of FY2020 Achievements in FY2020
  • To promote globalization of quality education content
  • Compiled foreign-language educational contents and completed their distribution to relevant sites. (June 2020)