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Our Approach/CS (Customer Satisfaction) Activities Related to Electronic Components

TDK supplies electronic components not only to electronic device manufacturers directly linked to end consumers, but also to electronic assembly manufacturers and component manufacturers. For these diverse customers, TDK uses the following methods to measure customer satisfaction, and aims to be a company that is trusted by customers for its overall satisfaction in terms of quality, cost, delivery, technology, and service.

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  • A questionnaire created by TDK which asks customers to respond.
  • Supplier evaluation information that customers regularly evaluate TDK products using their own evaluation methods
  • Information on product complaints from customers
  • CS evaluation that sales representatives evaluate TDK products from a customer's point of view


TDK has implemented a system to ask customers to complete questionnaires, collect their requests and opinions, and provide feedback to the appropriate internal divisions.

Supplier evaluation information

TDK obtains the results of supplier evaluations conducted by customers. The evaluation ranks the different levels of customer satisfaction, with an "A" indicating that the customer is fully satisfied. TDK tracks changes in the A rank percentage and provides this information to the relevant divisions to improve CS.

Product complaints

Product complaints received from customers, both in Japan and abroad, are managed in a complaint information database. The database is used to share information online with relevant divisions to take quick action to improve CS. If a significant complaint arises, the system is designed to automatically report it to top management.

CS evaluation

In order to become the supplier of choice for our customers, our sales representatives strive to understand our customers' needs from a customer's perspective. Quickly capturing details of customer dissatisfaction and providing feedback to relevant divisions helps us improve CS.