Sustainability | Environment Effective Use of Resources

Background of the Goals

While we are required to effectively use limited resources and contribute to a recycling-oriented society, we achieved TDK’s zero emissions* by FY2006 and have been continuing the promotion of efforts to maintain that level. Also, from the viewpoint of the effective use of resources, we are promoting initiatives to control the generation of waste at TDK.
Further, we regularly visit recyclers to verify that recycling is being implemented.

  • At TDK, zero emission is defined as not processing any waste discharged from business sites by simple incineration treatments or placing it into landfills and eventually recycling 100% of resources (excluding items that cannot be recycled alone due to legal restrictions).

Fiscal 2020 Goals and Achievements / Evaluations and Future Activities

Fiscal 2020 Goal Achievements
Improve waste amount basic-unit 1.5% of the previous FY Worsened by 14.2% compared with the previous FY

Evaluations and Future Activities

The total amount of waste generated in FY2020 increased by 23.9% from the previous year to 92,137 tons due to an increase in the number of employees and the production volume. In addition, the waste amount basic-unit worsened by 14.2% compared with the previous year, and our target was not achieved.
Going forward, we are committed to promoting comprehensive process improvements and continued efforts to reduce waste in terms of both efficient utilization of resources and improvement in the yield rate.

Fiscal 2020 Goal
Improve waste amount basic-unit 1.5% of the previous FY

Fiscal 2020 Concrete Progress Report

Trend of amount of waste (global)

Concrete Activities

Promoting SDGs Activities and Initiatives through Resource Reduction

TDK-Lambda Ltd. (Israel) has done away with in-factory use of plastic cups for beverages by providing personal use water bottles (in picture) to all its employees.
We are committed to reducing the environmental burden, while promoting the improvement of the working environment of employees and advancing the creation of a sustainable environment.