SustainabilityCPSO Message

Andreas Keller

Senior Vice President
Chief People and Sustainability Officer and
General Manager, Human Resources HQ

Dear Stakeholders,

In April 2023 I was appointed to the new position of Chief People and Sustainability Officer (CPSO). I would like to thank you for your interest in our sustainability journey and our challenge going forward. I am happy that we share a common approach to navigating the issues facing our rapidly changing world.

As head of the Human Resources HQ, I believe that the significance of my appointment as sustainability officer lies in the fact that “people” and “sustainability” are closely intertwined. Since people’s activities and choices exert an impact on sustainability, both positively and negatively, everyone’s cooperation and involvement are essential for the achievement of sustainability. In addition, it is initiatives for sustainability that will ensure society and the environment for future generations, and it is current team members (employees), in other words, us, who drive these initiatives. Since “people” and “sustainability” are fundamentally linked in this way, it only makes sense to combine the leadership of both into a single role.

Broadly speaking, I believe that I have three missions as the CPSO. First, I seek to connect and unite people across regions and organizations, both inside and outside of TDK. In my professional life, I have worked in sales, operations, the supply chain, and human resources for over 30 years, including more than 20 years at TDK. I have seen people utilize technological innovations and new skills to grow and evolve their business. In these efforts, there has always been interaction among people. No doubt future social changes are going to become even more rapid and unpredictable. In these circumstances, the key to realizing sustainable change is going to be human resources. By connecting people, we can create new value. In that sense, I believe that I will be able to fully display my experience and expertise in this position.

Second, in cooperation with executive teams, I intend to formulate more effective sustainability strategies. Because to achieve our Sustainability Vision of “Technology for the well-being of all people,” TDK wants not only to maximize profits but also to invest in technologies for the building of a sustainable future and to exert a positive impact on stakeholders, including customers, team members, communities, and the planet. To do so, we need to adopt a holistic and long-term perspective and make our business practices sustainable, balancing the social, environmental, and economic aspects of our operations. In other words, it is necessary for us to adopt strategies aligned with the TDK Group’s overall goals, including our response to climate change, the building of sustainable supply chain practices, and the development of products and services that can create a more sustainable future for all people.

Third, I intend to engage stakeholders outside of TDK, promoting the company’s sustainability initiatives and serving as a spokesperson for the organization's sustainability efforts. I want to play a role in building relations of trust with stakeholders and further advancing TDK’s activities by communicating TDK’s above-mentioned strategies and initiatives actively and transparently.

Furthermore, for the promotion of sustainability, it is essential for as many people as possible to continue acting with an awareness of, and interest in, the meaning of sustainability for us, for future generations, and for the planet as a whole and the role they should play in the achievement of sustainability goals. To encourage such awareness, at present project members from various departments, led by the Chief Digital Transformation Officer (CDXO), have come together to launch a strategic DX promotion initiative named “DX for Sustainability +” (focusing on DX-Enabled Sustainability & Engagement). One of the primary objectives of this project is to enhance all TDK team members’ awareness of sustainability as part of the digital transformation journey and promote our sustainability efforts both internally and externally.

Additionally, I plan to connect the Human Resources HQ and Sustainability Promotion HQ teams to develop training programs that build sustainability awareness and educate employees on sustainable practices. Through these programs we will encourage employees to adopt sustainable behavior, which ultimately will have a positive impact not only on TDK but also on the world in which we live.

Our challenge to realize sustainability still faces a long road ahead. By uniting and working together, we can create a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient world. TDK actively and transparently shares our vision, efforts, accomplishments, and data on our sustainability website. Please continuously visit our website and give us your feedback.

Andreas Keller