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Protecting Nature and Biodiversity

At TDK, we recognize the importance of biodiversity and strive for operations causing little environmental load throughout the entire supply chain, from the procurement of raw materials to product disposal. In collaboration with local communities, we also promote ecosystem restoration activities and initiatives to realize a circular economy that does not harm the cycle of nature.
All TDK employees are aware of the impact on the environment from production activities. We consider the relationship between business operations and the environment and strive to protect an affluent global environment. The TDK Environmental Charter, revised in April 2018, expressly provides that employees are to consider contributions to ecosystems and take proactive action at all times.

Guidelines for Action by the Electrical and Electronics Industries concerning Biodiversity Conservation

In March 2015 the Biodiversity Working Group of the four Electrical and Electronic Industry Associations* published the Guidelines for Action by the Electrical and Electronics Industries concerning Biodiversity Conservation (second edition published in August 2018). TDK fully supports this initiative and is implementing the guidelines through our activities aimed at protecting biodiversity.

  • *The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEMA), Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), Communications and Information Network Association of Japan (CIAJ), and Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association (JBMIA)

Initiatives/Biodiversity Conservation Activities at Global Sites

Afforestation Activities (Indonesia)

TDK’s Batam Factory in Indonesia (PT TDK Electronics Indonesia) contributes to improving water catchment areas and expanding flora and fauna habitats through various afforestation activities.

Afforestation in the wilderness

Following the theme of “Tree for Life,” the Batam Factory also continues to conduct a mangrove afforestation project in conjunction with the local community. As well as planting trees, participants conduct cleanup activities too. This initiative leads to greater awareness of biodiversity among employees.

Mangrove afforestation project