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Background of Goals

Usable water resources on the planet are limited. In view of the expected future rise in water use due to economic growth and population increases in developing countries, the availability of water has been cited as a global risk. In response to this trend, TDK set a target for reducing the volume of water used in production activities and is striving to gauge the water risk.

Fiscal 2020 Goals and Achievements / Evaluations and Future Activities

Fiscal 2020 Goal Achievement
Improve water usage basic-unit by 1.5% of the previous FY Worsened by 0.31% compared with the previous FY

Evaluations and Future Activities

The total amount of water usage in FY2020 increased by 8.8% from the previous year to 17,783,000 m3. Further, the water usage basic-unit worsened by 0.31% compared with the previous year and our target was not achieved. We are conducting surveys related to water risks in each country and region, and are adopting countermeasures in areas with a particularly high risk of droughts and floods.

Fiscal 2020 Concrete Progress Report

Trend of amount water usage (global)
  • *Basic-unit data have been amended to take account of the increase in the number of sites due to M&As.

Concrete Activities

Hutchinson Technology Inc.

We are optimizing operation procedures through water usage reduction project. Below are the specific activities.

  • Reducing water usage by reviewing cleaning methods in the production process and reducing the amount of pure water used.
  • Reducing water usage by reusing wastewater generated during the pure water purification process.