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Environmental Management System

TDK has established a platform for environmental action based on the Environmental Management System (EMS) concept, with the CEO at the top.
The platform is designed to comprehensively address environmental issues that are becoming ever more complex and globalized. It goes beyond the approach focusing on single sites, allowing us to respond promptly and effectively while remaining aware of the big picture.

Environmental Management System

Operation of the TDK Environmental Management System

All manufacturing sites of TDK have obtained ISO14001* certification, and TDK is proceeding with the integration of the Environmental Management System in Japan, China, and North America.
In addition, area environment conferences are held in a number of locations including Japan, China, the ASEAN region, Europe, and America, to enable activities suited to the environmental situation in each region and to promote activities toward the achievement of TDK Environment, Health and Safety Action 2025, which is a common goal of the entire TDK Group.

  • *ISO14001: International standard (IS) regulating EMS compliance

Environmental Education

TDK posts activity information, including TDK’s approach to environmental initiatives and targets to be achieved, on the in-house intranet, which employees can access and check at any time. In addition, TDK endeavors to publicize and raise awareness of the TDK Environmental Charter by means of handy cards, posters for display, the digital signage bulletin board, and other activities. Furthermore, each site promotes self-awareness and competence education relating to the environment among new recruits and transferred employees by utilizing e-learning and so on.

EMS Assessment System and Award Program

With the aim of boosting the Environmental Management System and the performance of safety and environment related activities, TDK is introducing a program for assessing the degree by which both safety and environment management related goals have been attained on a global basis.
The program covers five areas, namely energy, water, waste, safety/health, and initiatives to address social issues, such as the SDGs. Business sites with a high overall score, and sites or departments that have conducted special activities in a specific area are recognized with an award. Award recipients in fiscal 2020 were as follows:

■Excellent overall score
Amperex Technology Limited
Magnecomp Precision Technology Public Co., Ltd.

■Outstanding activities in a specific field

  • 【Energy】 TDK Corp. Mikumagawa Plant
    TDK (Zhuhai FTZ) Co., Ltd.
    TDK (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
    TDK Electronics (Malaysia) SDN BHD
  • 【Safety and Health】 TDK (Zhuhai FTZ) Co., Ltd.
  • 【Emissions】 TDK (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
    TDK-Lambda Ltd.(Israel)

Environmental Risk Management at Manufacturing Sites

Managing soil contamination and VOC risks

TDK has established environmental risk assessment standards and management methods for soil contamination and VOCs,* and each site regularly conducts risk assessment. At high risk locations, a clearly defined priority sequence of preventive measures, restoration measures etc. ensures effective management of environmental risks.

  • * VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds

Pollution prevention regulatory compliance and accidents

To prevent the contamination of atmosphere, water, soil, etc., TDK strictly complies with all relevant laws and regulations. For certain items, we have even set voluntary standards that are more stringent than the legal requirements, and we take preventive action whenever necessary to reduce the environmental load.

Prevention and control of exposure to toxic substances with products as the source