Sustainability | Environment Reduce Risks of Chemical Use

Background of Goals

TDK is promoting reduction of the use and discharge of chemical substances in order to curtail environmental impact as well as health risks to employees and the risks of fire and explosion.

Fiscal 2020 Goals and Achievements / Evaluations and Future Activities

Fiscal 2020 Goal Achievement
Promote globally unified chemical substance management to improve handling safety which is based on laws of each country by understanding hazards and dangers of chemical substances Promote compliance with China’s VOC Regulations and compliance with regulations for the use of hazardous chemical substances as per customer requirements

Evaluations and Future Activities

Regarding compliance with China’s VOC regulations, our business groups and each Headquarters functions of quality assurance, safety & environment , and procurement departments, are working together to promote the substitution of target substances. In addition, through in-house collaboration, we are working diligently to promote the substitution of chemical substances requiring regulated use by customers.

Fiscal 2021 Goal
Promote unified management of chemical substances globally and internal awareness about the future status of regulated chemical substances