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TDK’s Supply Chain Responsibility

TDK’s Supply Chain Responsibility

Executing Our Responsibility as a Midstream Company

TDK offers high-value-added solutions based on materials and components technologies. As globalization accelerates and we expand our target markets, we develop ongoing relationships with a wide range of customers and business partners. Buyer and supplier relationships with other companies are not uncommon in some business areas.
Responsible management of supply chains is coming under strict scrutiny with the strengthening of legal systems and international industry initiatives. For example, the United Kingdom passed the Modern Slavery Act in March 2015, and the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) changed its name to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) in October 2017. Because these trends greatly affect TDK’s business environment, it is vital that we take suitable measures in our business supply chains.
A shared understanding of social issues and common investigative practices is essential for the practical and effective implementation of CSR in the supply chain. To bring improvements in efficiency to the entire supply chain, TDK is working with other organizations from the stage of formulating rules, cooperating with the industry as a whole, and proposing the standardization of investigative methods.