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Our Approach/CS (Customer Satisfaction) Activities Related to Electronic Components

TDK supplies electronic components not only to electronic device set manufacturers directly linked to end consumers, but also to electronic assembly manufacturers and component manufacturers. In doing so, TDK makes every effort to ensure customer satisfaction (CS), through following measures, and strives to achieve general satisfaction, encompassing quality, cost, delivery, technical supports and services, in order to become the company of choice for potential customers.
Please see here for the % of customers covered by the satisfaction evaluation and the % of A rank customers.

  • Questionnaire, whereby TDK compiles questions and requests replies from customers
  • Supplier evaluation information, whereby customers regularly evaluate TDK products by their own evaluation methods
  • Product-related complaint information from customers
  • CS evaluation, whereby sales staff members evaluate TDK products from a customer's point of view


TDK has organized a setup by which it requests customers to complete a questionnaire, summarizes requests and comments from customers, and provides feedback to related divisions in the company.

Supplier evaluation information

TDK obtains the results of supplier evaluations as completed by its customers. The evaluation ranks the different levels of customer satisfaction, with an "A" indicating that the customer is fully satisfied. TDK keeps track of changes in the percentage regarding the A rank, and passes this information to the relevant division responsible to improve CS.

Product-related complaints

TDK maintains a database of product-related complaints filed by customers around the world. Information is sent online to the involved departments without delay, so that swift action can be taken to improve CS.
In addition, this system is designed to automatically send significant complaints to top management.

CS evaluation

In order to become the supplier of choice for our customers, our sales staff members make sure that they understand the needs of our customers. TDK makes every effort to improve CS by quickly understanding the details of customer complaints, and providing feedback to the relevant divisions so that they may take necessary remedial action.

Customer Recognition of TDK Quality

Supplier Quality Excellence Award Received from General Motors

In October 2019 TDK Shonai Corporation received the 2018 GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award from General Motors Company. The GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award is presented to suppliers who fulfilled all of 13 items, including delivery, quality, and development, over the previous year. It targets the manufacturing sites of suppliers around the whole world, with performances assessed according to GM’s own evaluation system.
A total of 1,161 companies worldwide, and 22 companies in Japan, were awarded. TDK has now received GM’s award five times.

Supplier of the Year Award Received from Skyworks Solutions

In 2019 TDK Corporation of America (TCA) received the Supplier of the Year Award from Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Based in Woburn in the state of Massachusetts in the United States, Skyworks is a manufacturer of semiconductors for radio-frequency systems and mobile telecommunication systems.
TCA received the Passives Vendor of the Year Award, which is presented to the best supplier of passive components. In particular, TCA’s excellent customer service was highly evaluated. TCA received the award for the second year running.