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Basic Policy

Our aim at TDK is growth by way of becoming a genuine global company. In this connection, human resources development is considered a cornerstone concept. Along with identifying highly capable human resources and fostering an environment that draws out their individual abilities and potential, we also work to forge a corporate culture that respects the diversity of our human resources and also encourages mutual respect and recognition of efforts between our employees. Shaping a global business environment that attracts truly global personnel to the TDK Group, we at TDK are committed to generating innovative products and services on an ongoing basis and thereby doing our part for society in general.

Relevant SDGs

  • SDGs 5.ジェンダー平等を実現にしょう
  • SDGs 8.働き街も経済成長も

Social Impact (Positive and Negative Impacts)

Positive impact

  • Stimulation of personnel interactions within the Group
  • Sources of new creativity and growth
  • Progress toward a truly global corporation

Important Theme―Develop Global Human Resources

Main efforts

  • Expansion of scope of collecting and comprehending human resource information
  • Introduce global selective training
  • Establishment of framework for training truly global leaders


  • Human Resource Development Function
Fiscal 2018 goals Fiscal 2018 achievements Fiscal 2019 goals
1) Introduce global management development training 1) Successful completion of Territorial Career Development Program (TCDP) in the four territories (Asia, Americas, Greater China, Europe) (~100 persons participate) 1) Continue Global Management Development Training (TCDP)
2) Adapt global and local development measures in selective regions 2) Alignment between global and local development measures in selective regions 2) Introduce newly Global Management Development Training (Advanced Management Program AMP)I
3) Global roll out of one comprehensive English test 3) English test globally rolled out and global English trainings introduced 3) Enhance English training program

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Important Theme―Cultivate a Corporate Culture that Respects Diversity

Main efforts

  • Consideration of expanding the scope and improving the accuracy of human resource attribute information collected in the consolidated management database in order to link it with measures
  • Understanding and promotion of diverse cultures through the implementation of global and regional human resource meetings, etc.
  • Promotion of the improvement and establishment of workplace environments in each area in which diverse employees can work comfortably


  • Human Resource Development Function
Fiscal 2018 goals Fiscal 2018 achievements Fiscal 2019 goals
1) Expand scope and improve accuracy of information in the global talent management system 1) Talent management system extended to the Sales function worldwide and extension to TDK Top Key Positions started 1) Continue expansion of scope for talent management system
2) Implement human resources meetings at a global and territorial level 2) Global Human resources meeting with participation of all major legal entities took place in May 2018
Territorial HR meetings with participation of local HR managers launched at all territories
2) Establish a diversity policy
    3) Enforce the establishment of a Human Resources network through further organisation of Global and Territorial Human Resources Meetings
    4) Start succession planning for identified Top Key Positions at the TDK Group

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