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Purpose of Stakeholder Engagement

The TDK Group strives to earn the trust of society by correctly recognizing social issues as a company that deploys business activities globally, respecting the International Code of Conduct and guidelines on sustainability, and responding to stakeholders’ interests through business activities. In order to gain the trust, we actively create opportunities for dialogue with each of our stakeholders on a daily basis.
The TDK Group believes that the purpose of stakeholder engagement is as follows.

  • To apply stakeholders’ opinions in TDK Group’s business activities and translate them into the improvement of corporate value and social value to be created.
  • To share the same values with our stakeholders and develop our business activities into essential non-complacent activities by gaining their understanding on the TDK Group’s ideas and activities. Also, to continue collaborating to achieve a sustainable society.

Our Approach, Ideal Relationships, and Engagement Methods by Stakeholders

Shareholders and Investors

Our approach The TDK Group will maintain management in a fair and transparent manner by disclosing information in a timely and appropriate manner to stakeholders, such as shareholders and investors.
Ideal relationship We earn the trust of shareholders and investors as a company capable of sustainable growth by providing solutions that meet the future needs of society.
Engagement methods
  • Performance briefing
  • General meeting of shareholders
  • IR meetings


Our approach The TDK Group responds to changes in the business environment and social needs and provides high-value-added products to customers by realizing QDC and First-to-Market at a high level.
Ideal relationship We are always recognized as a partner company that exceeds customers’ expectations by leading innovations and environmental consideration.
Engagement methods
  • Daily sales activities
  • Customer Satisfaction (CS) survey
  • Audit from customers


Our approach The TDK Group addresses social and environmental issues throughout the supply chain and will realize a sustainable society with our suppliers based on the RBA Code of Conduct.
Ideal relationship We build win-win situations that will develop both our suppliers and TDK in the long term and TDK and our suppliers' technologies and knowhow collaborate in various business fields.
Engagement methods
  • Daily communication with suppliers
  • Supplier briefings
  • Implementation of audits of suppliers


Our approach The TDK Group believes that the source of eternal prosperity of companies lies in human development and will continue to build relationships as described in the Code of Conduct (Corporate Standards of Business Conduct).
≫ Please click here for the Code of Conduct (Corporate Standards of Business Conduct).
Ideal relationship We create an equal and happy workplace by promoting CSR, and employees and the company share mutual respect.
Engagement methods
  • Labor-management dialogue
  • Feedback to in‐house newsletters
  • Workplace communication
  • Various award programs
  • Engagement surveys


Our approach The TDK Group works and collaborates with stakeholders and potential partners, such as communities, administrations, industries, international organizations, NPOs, and NGOs, to maintain good relationships. Also, based on our management philosophy, we will identify areas of social issues to be prioritized and aim to be a good corporate citizen through social services such as sports, culture, artistic activities, and volunteer activities.
Ideal relationship The TDK brand penetrates into the region and provides quality employment to the region. We also contribute to the reduction of environmental impact with innovative technology.
Engagement methods
  • Social gatherings at each region
  • Social services
  • Homepage answer service


Our approach The TDK Group works and collaborates with stakeholders and potential partners, such as communities, administrations, industries, and international organizations, to maintain good relationships.
Ideal relationship We fulfill our obligations, such as legal compliance and tax payments, and play the role of a corporation as a public institution of society through cooperation with policies to solve social problems.
Engagement methods
  • Exchange of opinions through economic and industrial organizations
  • Response to surveys and questionnaires
  • Consultations with competent authorities
  • Public comments


Our approach We contribute to improving the QOL of all people through TDK Group products and final products in which our products are installed.
Ideal relationship We are recognized by many consumers as a company that contributes to society with creative and innovative technologies.
Engagement methods
  • Acquisition of information through sales
  • Feedback to development

Past Stakeholder Dialogue

TDK actively creates opportunities for dialogue with each of our stakeholders.
In particular, for topic that has a large impact on business activities, we hold stakeholder dialogues and utilize them in our business activities and CSR activities through direct dialogue with outside experts.

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