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TDK Value Structure

Since its foundation in 1935, TDK has conducted business with the aim of solving social problems. As of March 2022, it has grown into a global business enterprise with Group sales of approximately ¥1,900 billion and about 117,000 members worldwide. As a leading manufacturer of electronic components, TDK continuously creates innovative and state-of-the-art technologies and products. To continue creating value even more than a century after its foundation, we formulated a long-term vision and strategy looking 10 years into the future and established a Medium-Term Plan and the TDK Group materiality. We have also created governance systems to support the realization of these. We refer to this as the TDK Value Structure, have reaffirmed its status as a pillar of all activities by employees, and will hand it down to the future generations who will be responsible for TDK in the future.

TDK Value Structure

Corporate Philosophy

In 1930 Dr. Yogoro Kato and Dr. Takeshi Takei at the Tokyo Institute of Technology invented ferrite, a magnetic ceramic compound derived from iron and other oxides. Kenzo Saito, TDK’s first president, was deeply impressed by Dr. Kato’s remark that “A real industry is a creative industry,” and on December 7, 1935, he founded Tokyo Denki Kagaku Kogyo K.K. (present-day TDK) to commercialize ferrite. At that time the potential use of ferrite was unknown, so the establishment of the company was a courageous venture in pursuit of a vision. As a result of joint research and development by the Tokyo Institute of Technology and TDK, a component called a ferrite core was realized, and in 1937, ahead of the rest of the world, it was put to use in Japanese wireless communication equipment, radios, and so on. By the end of World War II, a total of five million units had been shipped, and the company had acquired trust. This founding spirit of creativity, of “creating values that do not yet exist in the world from the level of materials,” has been inherited as TDK’s DNA. Our corporate motto, established in June 1967, reflects this founding spirit.

Corporate Motto Contribute to culture and industry through creativity

Corporate Motto

Contribute to culture and industry through creativity

Corporate Principles “Vision” “Courage” “Trust”

Corporate Principles

Vision:Always take a new step forward with a vision in mind. Creation and construction are not born without vision.
Courage:Always perform with courage. Performing power is born by confronting contradiction and overcoming it.
Trust:Always try to build trust. Trust is born from a spirit of honesty and service.

Long-Term Vision

Sustainability Vision

Various issues exist in the society surrounding the TDK Group, including environmental problems, such as climate change, energy, and the exhaustion of resources, and social problems, such as aging and the digital divide. TDK will contribute to solving these issues, in other words, to building a sustainable society for future generations.

As well as aiming to solve social problems through our business on the basis of our corporate philosophy, which is our fundamental stance, we have formulated a new TDK Group’s Sustainability Vision. This vision proclaims that by fully utilizing TDK’s proprietary core technologies and solutions, we will “advance the development of a sustainable society and champion well-being for all people.” In the formulation of this vision, we again assorted the social environment surrounding us from a long-term perspective and studied the potential of the TDK Group’s strengths and resources. In the process, we heard the opinions of not only management but also external experts.

We will continue to share this vision throughout the Group, put it into practice in our business, and consider and implement specific measures toward the realization of a happy society.

TDK Group's
Sustainability Vision

“Technology for the well-being of all people”

TDK Group strives to restore and protect the global environment while promoting respect for human rights. Through its innovative core technologies and solutions, TDK Group advances the development of a sustainable society and champions well-being for all people.

Furthermore, to realize the Sustainability Vision, the TDK Group advocates a sustainability policy.

Based on the concept of Value Creation, we will strive to achieve both a sustainable society and corporate growth.

  • Through our products, solutions, and activities in the entire supply chain, we will tackle the solution of global-scale issues set out also in the Sustainable Development Goals, such as climate change and human rights.
  • We will build relations of trust with society through stakeholder engagement.
  • We will promote empowerment and transparency in all Group companies.

Medium-Term Plan

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TDK Group's Materiality

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Group Governance

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