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Our Approach

TDK aims to transform into a more innovative and resilient company through the securing of highly engaged employees, by rolling out Employee engagement surveys globally, implementing feedback and appropriate improvement measures based on analyzed outcome, and establishing social media channels to support and enhance employer branding (increasing the company’s reputation among job seekers) and recruitment.
We strive to improve employee engagement and employee satisfaction to attract and retain talent by diverse efforts, including preparing and deploying TDK Global Engagement Survey, providing feedback and creating improvement action plans based on the survey results, and utilizing social media channels.

Roles and Responsibilities

TDK is promoting activities according to the situation of each site or legal entity under the support of the Human Resources Function.


Visualization of the HR skills of Group employees

We are pressing ahead with the introduction of a system to unify and visualize HR management and training, centering on managers in the TDK head office and Group companies. In this system, which is called the Talent Management System (TMS), we have prepared such modules as “Performance evaluation,” “Competency assessment,” “Succession planning,” and “HR training plan” so that we can comprehend the abilities of each individual. This system is an important initiative to fully display the individual qualities of our human resources on a global scale. Going forward, our aim is to introduce it for all sites and Group employees.

Conceptual chart of TMS
Conceptual chart of TMS

Diverse Work Styles and Work-Life Balance

We believe that establishing an environment in which employees with diverse backgrounds can display their skills is crucial to continue generating innovative creativity and realizing corporate growth. One such effort is to support employees' work-life balance by creating an environment and systems that enable them to choose diverse and flexible work styles.

At present major changes are taking place in workstyles at TDK sites, including the introduction of telecommuting and super-flextime systems. TDK is promoting these activities further and has introduced the TDK Smart Work system, which will enable autonomous workstyles unbound by working hours and workplace, at some locations such as the headquarters and Technical Center. Our aim through these initiatives is to enhance employee engagement and maximize both individual and company performance.

Examples of programs supporting diverse work styles and work-life balance (TDK Corporation)

Working-from-home system and super-flex time system

Systems that enable employees to have flexibility in where and when they work and to achieve diverse and flexible work styles. Super-flex is a system that allows employees to freely decide their working hours according to their individual needs without core hours.

Maternity and childcare support programs

We have systems to support balancing work with housework and childcare, such as "Maternity Leave," "Childcare Leave," and "Part-time Working Options." In principle, childcare leave is available until the day before the child's first birthday, but if both parents take childcare leave, the leave may be taken until the child reaches the age of one year and two months. (The maximum period of leave for each parent is one year.) "Part-time Working Options" are available in principle until the child reaches the end of the third grade of elementary school, and multiple working hour options are available. In addition, financial supports for childcare and nursing care related services are available.

Nursing care leave

This system is for employees who have been with the company for at least one year and are willing to continue working are eligible to take three leave periods (up to one year in total) for each family member who is in need of constant nursing care for a spouse, child, parent, grandparent, sibling, grandchild, or spouse's parent.

Rehiring system

The existing TDK Rehiring System, which rehires retirees, was revised and began operating as a new second career system in April 2017. The purpose of this system is to make more effective use of the knowledge and experience possessed by retirees and to fulfill our social responsibility as a company to comply with the revision of the Law Concerning Stabilization of Employment of Older Persons. Similar systems have also been introduced at subsidiaries in Japan. Furthermore, in October 2017, we introduced the "Welcome Back System" to rehire employees who left the company due to unavoidable circumstances such as childbirth, childcare, or nursing care.

Workstyle Options to Accommodate Spousal Relocation

In October 2017, we introduced two new systems: a relocation system for employees whose spouses have been relocated in Japan and a leave system for employees whose spouses have been relocated overseas. With these systems in place, even if it becomes difficult to continue working in one’s current workplace due to the relocation of one’s spouse, employees can now choose to relocate or take a leave to be with their spouse. The workstyle options provided by TDK are designed to allow employees to balance work with various events in their lives, a policy that aims to make TDK a company where people feel safe working at for a long time.

Personnel Evaluation System (TDK Corporation)

Personnel evaluations at TDK Corporation are conducted from two perspectives: "performance" and "behavior.” Performance evaluations are based on the achievement of the goals set at the beginning of the evaluation term. The evaluation outcome is reflected in bonus to compensate and further motivate the employees, and lead to the achievement of business goals. Behavior evaluation is based on the evaluation components set for each role, which include elements such as expertise, TDK Value, and compliance/risk management. By evaluating and providing feedback on the daily behavior to achieve goals, it encourages the understanding of the expected roles and behavior. In this evaluation process, employees have interviews with their superior at the timing of goal setting and evaluation feedback at the end of the fiscal year, providing regular opportunities for employees to confirm the expected roles in addition to daily work communication.

Frameworks and Human Resource Systems to Maximize the Potential of Each Employee (TDK Corporation)

TDK has a number of systems in place which are geared to helping each and every employee member discover and develop their true potential.

In-house Recruiting System

In 2000, we introduced an active in-house hiring system under which employees can apply for new positions posted on the internal recruitment board directly with the Human Resources Department, without going through their superiors. This system aims at promoting the principle of "the right person for the right job" throughout the TDK Group, to respond in a timely manner to changes in the organizational makeup and staffing requirements of the organization. The system provides opportunities for career development to employees who have the desire and ability to try and shape their careers on their own initiative. As of March 2022, 249 applicants had fulfilled the relevant requirements and taken on new positions.

Career Option System

In addition to the in-house hiring system, TDK introduced the career option system in January 2006, giving employees the opportunity to apply for transfer to a desired department or position. This system is designed to provide incentives for further self-growth and for making a positive contribution to the development of TDK. It also aims at stimulating employees to reassess their career plans from various perspectives.

Self-Determined Reporting System

A self-determined reporting system has been introduced for the purpose of supporting efforts by individual employees to develop their own careers and abilities, as well as to help ensure the best possible match between each job and the person performing it. Once a year, employees can report directly to the Human Resources Department, indicating which positions they want and which business sites they would like to work at, as well as the extent to which they are satisfied with their current positions. Employees desiring an interview have the opportunity to directly explain their choices during a session at the Human Resources Department.
The opportunity to have a dialog with the Human Resources Department on a regular basis encourages employees to think seriously about their own careers, and also supports efforts such as transfer and participation in education and training for new positions. In this way, it helps employees shape their own career.