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The TDK Group Occupational Health / Safety and Environmental Charter

To unify policies relating to health / safety and the environment throughout the entire TDK Group, TDK formulated the TDK Group Occupational Health / Safety and Environmental Charter consisting of two aspects—basic principles and basic policies on health/safety and the environment.

The TDK Group Occupational Health/Safety and Environmental Charter

Roles and Responsibilities

TDK has set up a promotional structure based on the Occupational Health and Safety Management System headed by the president. In addition, important matters related to health and safety are reported to the Board of Directors, and are deliberated when necessary.

Promotion of Occupational Health and Safety Management System

At the TDK Group, we have built and deployed an occupational health and safety management system (TDK OHSMS) that complies with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018, the international standard for occupational health and safety. Among the operations of the TDK OHSMS, we conduct risk assessments, and carry out activities to eliminate or mitigate risks such as "exposure to chemical, biological, and physical agents," "tasks that are physically demanding for workers," and "confirming and assessing the safety of production machinery." Furthermore, we are working hard to manage public health, and also making efforts to provide all of our employees with a safe, healthy, and fair working environment by supplying clean water and sanitation facilities among other initiatives.
Locally, we are developing activities that comply with the RBA, which is also an international standard for CSR. In each country or region, at our facilities we clearly post health and safety information in the native language of the employees or a language they can easily understand, and provide education and training. Initiatives that provide for emergency preparedness are another set of our activities. We have established procedures for responding to any emergency that may occur, and conduct evacuation drills that presume such an emergency situation has occurred.

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Goals and Achievements

Fiscal 2023 Goal Achievement
Achieve zero significant labor accidents Achieved zero significant labor accidents

Trends in Labor Accidents (in Japan)

Trends in Labor Accidents (in Japan)
Fiscal 2024 Goal
Achieve zero significant labor accidents

Evaluations and Future Activities

Although there were no significant labor accidents in fiscal 2023, many labor accidents occurred that could have had serious consequences. TDK is striving to prevent the recurrence of significant labor accidents by sharing information on essential investigations of the causes of accidents and fundamental countermeasures.
Furthermore, to enable health/safety activities suited to the situation in each region, we have appointed regional EHS coordinators to promote health/safety and environmental activities in Japan, China, ASEAN, Europe, and the Americas. By implementing factory safety diagnosis, sharing best practices in safety and environment meetings, and so on, we are endeavoring to upgrade the level of health/safety activities.


Technical Training Center Established to Improve Skills in Entire Factory (Nashik Factory, TDK India Private Limited)

The Nashik Factory in India has established the Technical Training Center to provide all employees with opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills. At this center, efforts are made to deepen new employees’ understanding of emergency health/safety response, such as fire prevention and use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs), as well as their knowledge of actual products.
The center is also used for skill improvement by all employees. For example, it is used in multifunctional training for established employees, providing displays of actual manufacturing equipment and maintenance tools that can be touched.
Furthermore, the center is resourceful in its educational programs, adopting recreational elements so that trainees do not become bored.

Global Deployment of Experience-Type Safety Education

TDK has begun the global deployment of the experience-type safety education based on the concept of “look, listen, and feel” implemented by the TDK Safety Training Center set up at the Nikaho Factory South Site in the Akita region of Japan in 2017.
We have been undertaking initiatives to raise the safety awareness of our employees. These include having established in 2020 an EHS Training Center at TDK (Zhuhai FTZ) Co., Ltd., one of our manufacturing sites in China, and having established in April 2022 the Safety Training Center at our Mikumagawa Factory.
In addition, in response to cases of factory fires recently both in Japan and overseas, the TDK Group carries out fire-prevention inspections globally and is taking steps to reduce the risk of fire.
The total number of employees in Japan who have trained at the Safety Training Center now stands at 12,555 (2,117 in fiscal 2023).