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Our Approach / Basic Concept of Contributing to Society

As a corporate citizen, TDK recognizes the importance of coexisting with the community and, thinking about what we can do for society as a company, promotes various original social contribution activities.


Based on TDK's corporate motto of "Contribute to culture and industry through creativity," the TDK Group aspires to foster the development of a healthy and prosperous society by implementing various activities in which all TDK employees can feel committed and connected to the community.


The TDK Group will utilize its various resources (employees, products, capital, information, etc.) to globally implement proactive community activities - both alone and working alongside NPOs and NGOs - that contribute to the betterment of society in the areas of (1) academic, research, and education, (2) sports, art, and culture, (3) environmental conservation, and (4) social welfare and local community service activities.


In accordance with the above policy, TDK creates and implements plans for social contribution activities in various regions.

Academic, Research and Education Activities

TDK is willing to return the profits of its activities to local communities by utilizing our accumulated product technologies and human resources. Specifically, TDK wishes to offer opportunities for young people who will lead the next generation to acquire a wide range of knowledge, experiences, and skills.
One specific example is the TDK Museum, which reopened in October 2016. The museum introduces the history of TDK’s products utilizing magnetic technology and its technologies and also, as a new aspect, its efforts toward the future, the aim being to support the science and technology studies of the young people who will be the leaders of society in the next generation. The museum also continuously conducts electronics workshops.

Sports, Art and Culture Activities

TDK strives to be a company capable of bringing delight and excitement to stakeholders. TDK provides support for inspirational sports and art activities that uplift people's hearts.
Some specific examples are sponsorship since 2001 of the TDK Orchestra Concerts—performances in Japan of world-renowned orchestras from around the world—as well as Outreach Mini-Concerts and Open Rehearsals for the musical education and development of elementary and junior high school students and students of music under the heading of the “TDK Rising Stars.”
In fiscal 2022, with the cooperation of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), an initiative was conducted in which LSO musicians gave online concert instruction on multiple occasions to junior high school students in Japan. On the final day, the students, members of the brass band club at the Ginza Junior High School in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, demonstrated the results of the tuition in a concert hall performance. Although the online lectures occasionally posed difficulties at both ends, the students, playing in front of an audience of family members and students from nearby schools, put on a grand final performance.
TDK will continue to support young people in their efforts to break new ground and usher in a new future by creating opportunities for them to expand their horizons through dialogues with world-class musicians.

Environmental Conservation Activities

TDK is engaged in R&D activities to provide products that make people's lives more convenient. But we also work earnestly on various environmental conservation activities to contribute to a symbiosis with the global environment.
One example is the TDK Beech Forest tree-planting event, as well as fertilization and cleanup activities, that have been held every year since 2004 at factories in Akita Prefecture. To date, we have planted 9,600 trees.
In fiscal 2022, as in the previous year, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, only staff members carried out tree fertilizing, and limits were placed on the number of people who could participate in tree planting.

Social Welfare and Local Community Service Activities

TDK conducts its business activities on a global basis. We endeavor to apply our resources in beneficial ways and provide help to local communities to solve issues and bring about a better society.
Going forward, we will conduct activities according to the needs of people in individual locales.

Disaster Area Assistance

Employees from Kitakami Factory of TDK Electronics Factories Corporation had participated in volunteer programs to support recovery operations in Iwate Prefecture each year since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, but from fiscal 2021 these efforts were affected by movement restrictions due to Covid-19 , so it was regrettably decided to suspend them. We hope to restart the programs when the pandemic situation eases.