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TDK Group’s Sustainability Vision

Various issues exist in the society surrounding the TDK Group, including environmental problems, such as climate change, energy, and the exhaustion of resources, and social problems, such as aging and the digital divide. TDK will contribute to the solution of these problems and the building of a sustainable society for future generations.

As well as aiming to solve social problems through our business on the basis of our corporate philosophy, which is our fundamental stance, we have formulated a new TDK Group’s Sustainability Vision.

This vision proclaims that by fully utilizing TDK’s proprietary core technologies and solutions, we will “advance the development of a sustainable society and champion well-being for all people.” In the formulation of this vision, we again assorted the social environment surrounding us from a long-term perspective and studied the potential of the TDK Group’s strengths and resources. In the process, we heard the opinions of not only management but also external experts.

We will continue to share this vision throughout the Group, put it into practice in our business, and consider and implement specific measures toward the realization of a happy society.

TDK Group's
Sustainability Vision

“Technology for the well-being of all people”

TDK Group strives to restore and protect the global environment while promoting respect for human rights. Through its innovative core technologies and solutions, TDK Group advances the development of a sustainable society and champions well-being for all people.

Furthermore, to realize the Sustainability Vision, the TDK Group advocates a sustainability policy.

Based on the concept of Value Creation, we will strive to achieve both a sustainable society and corporate growth.

  • Through our products, solutions, and activities in the entire supply chain, we will tackle the solution of global-scale issues set out also in the Sustainable Development Goals, such as climate change and human rights.
  • We will build relations of trust with society through stakeholder engagement.
  • We will promote empowerment and transparency in all Group companies.

Medium-Term Plan “Value Creation 2023”

In “Value Creation 2023,” the TDK Group’s Medium-Term Plan, we aim to contribute to society by creating the three values making up corporate value―namely, Commercial Value (execute growth strategy), Asset Value (improve asset efficiency), and Social Value (enhance enterprise value)―and, as a result, to grow our business.

Among these, we believe that Social Value―in other words, aiming to realize a sustainable society and company―is the starting point of the cycle toward other value creation. It means nothing other than practicing the Sustainability Vision’s goal of realizing a “Advancing the development of a sustainable society and promoting well-being for all people.” and is also consistent with our corporate motto.

By further strengthening our unique competitive advantages ((1) materials and process technologies, (2) integrated production, (3) customer base, (4) strength of diversity, (5) global business base) and promoting our Medium-Term Plan, which incorporates the ideas of this Sustainability Vision, we will strive to contribute to both sustainability through our business and corporate growth.