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A Sustainable Society Created through Business Activities

Our society is facing various issues. The TDK Group seeks to solve these issues through our business and to achieve both a sustainable society and corporate growth. As our corporate philosophy, employees of the TDK Group abide by our corporate motto and corporate principles as the value standards for their daily conduct.
Based on our corporate philosophy, our corporate vision, Vision 2035, states clearly the ideal image that TDK should aim for as we head toward the centennial of our founding. TDK Value outlines the stance that all employees should adopt, regardless of their position, toward realization of the corporate philosophy and corporate vision.

TDK Group's materiality identified management issues we should prioritize if we are to achieve the goals of our Medium-Term Plan.
Through our business activities, we will realize the society described in the TDK Group's Sustainability Vision.

Corporate Philosophy

In 1930 Dr. Yogoro Kato and Dr. Takeshi Takei at the Tokyo Institute of Technology invented ferrite, a magnetic ceramic compound derived from iron and other oxides. Kenzo Saito, TDK’s first president, was deeply impressed by Dr. Kato’s remark that “A real industry is a creative industry,” and on December 7, 1935, he founded Tokyo Denki Kagaku Kogyo K.K. (present-day TDK) to commercialize ferrite. At that time the potential use of ferrite was unknown, so the establishment of the company was a courageous venture in pursuit of a vision. As a result of joint research and development by the Tokyo Institute of Technology and TDK, a component called a ferrite core was realized, and in 1937, ahead of the rest of the world, it was put to use in Japanese wireless communication equipment, radios, and so on. By the end of World War II, a total of five million units had been shipped, and the company had acquired trust. This founding spirit of creativity, of “creating values that do not yet exist in the world from the level of materials,” has been inherited as TDK’s DNA. Our corporate motto, established in June 1967, reflects this founding spirit.

Corporate Motto Contribute to culture and industry through creativity
  1. Corporate Motto
  2. Contribute to culture and industry through creativity
Corporate Principles “Vision” “Courage” “Trust”
  1. Corporate Principles
  2. Vision:Always take a new step forward with a vision in mind. Creation and construction are not born without vision.
  3. Courage:Always perform with courage. Performing power is born by confronting contradiction and overcoming it.
  4. Trust:Always try to build trust. Trust is born from a spirit of honesty and service.

Corporate Vision

The Corporate Vision summarizes the founding spirit of the company, the four major innovations of the past, the contribution to utilizing global resources, and the stance towards the corporate motto. While illuminating the TDK vision from the viewpoints of the past, the present, and the future, the vision also draws up the picture of the company that TDK aims to be as we move towards our 100th anniversary.

Corporate Vision -Vision2035

TDK was founded in 1935, based on the founder's vision and belief - "contribute to the advancement of the society through the commercial production of ferrite, a magnetic material which originates from Japan".
TDK achieved four world-class innovations including "ferrite, magnetic tape, multilayer materials, magnetic heads", and has been offering products to support the advancement of the society.
TDK will continue to strive to achieve further innovation and create value for customers through the delivery of outstanding quality products and services, by utilizing the diverse global resources.
Based on TDK's corporate motto, TDK will continue to "contribute to culture and industry through creativity", by revitalizing and protecting the global environment and creating a pleasant and safe society.

TDK Value

The "TDK Value" guidelines comprise four categories that describe a concrete outlook for the future, evolving from the foundation and the company culture that TDK has built up over the years. The platforms will be shared and put into practice by all members of the TDK Group.

Category Value
Customer Focus We have:
- Strong determination to contribute to our customers’ success
- Passion to be a trusted partner for our customers
Therefore we can:
- Deliver inspirational value by standing in the customer’s shoes
- Offer outstanding quality products, services and technology to satisfy our customers
Challenge We have:
- Culture to turn adverse challenges into chances to develop ourselves
- Strong determination to accomplish our business goals by overcoming adversity
Therefore we can:
- Accept challenges to make innovative breakthroughs and continue to create new value
- Lead our colleagues and collaborate as a team by sharing the same value
HR Development We have:
- Aspiration to continuously improve ourselves
- Motivation to contribute to the advancement of society and growth of businesses
Therefore we can:
- Define clear vision/goals and drive ourselves to achieve them
- Support the development of our colleagues and build enthusiastic teams
Diversity We have:
- Global network with diverse culture
- Teams which respect each other and teamwork which encourages development
Therefore we can:
- Embrace different ideas and opinions
- Clearly express our opinions with sincerity through open discussions

TDK Code of Conduct

The TDK Code of Conduct stipulates specific behavior guidelines for the TDK Group and all of its directors and employees to comply with laws, regulations and social norms. In this Code, the TDK Group formulated the universal matters that should be commonly practiced by the Group as the TDK Charter of Corporate Behavior.