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TDK Group’s Key CSR Issues (Materiality)

After considering the degree of impact of background social issues from the perspectives of the Group itself and of stakeholders, the TDK Group identified four key CSR issues (materiality): “Contribute to the World through Technology,” “ Develop Human Resources,” “ Consider the Societal and Environmental Impact of the Supply Chain,” and “Develop and Prosper in Harmony with the Global Environment.”
Regarding each key CSR issue (materiality), in order to promote even more effective efforts, Important Themess that have been stipulated are reviewed each year at the time of the formulation of business plans, taking account of social trends and other factors, with final decisions being made after approval by the Executive Committee.

Contribute to the World through Technology

Important Themes Main Points
Addressing social issues by developing new kinds of products the world has not yet seen TDK aims to solve social issues through unique technological development.
Pursue zero-defect product quality On the basis of high level of technology, we will pursue zero-defect product quality through uniformly managed production processes from materials to manufacturing.

Develop Human Resources

Important Themes Main Points
Develop global human resources Toward the promotion of genuine globalization, we will strive to develop the human resources that will serve as its foundation.
Cultivate a corporate culture that respects diversity In order to continue generating innovative creativity, we will build a tolerant corporate culture that respects the diversity of human resources.

Consider the Societal and Environmental Impact of the Supply Chain

Important Themes Main Points
Consider the work environment at manufacturing sites In light of the latest requirements, we will gauge considerations for the labor environment at production sites, which we need as a supplier, and if necessary implement education and guidance toward improvement.
Consider the work environment of suppliers In light of the latest requirements, we will gauge considerations for the labor environment at suppliers, which we need as a buyer, and if necessary implement education and guidance toward improvement.
Responsible sourcing of minerals We will execute our social responsibility as a midstream company appropriately through the continued implementation of required efforts and an understanding of the latest requirements.

Develop and Prosper in Harmony with the Global Environment

Important Themes Main Points
Reduce environmental load throughout life cycle stages We will promote environmental activities on the basis of the TDK Environmental Vision 2035.
Creating a framework for gauging product contributions Through the setting of common gauging product contributions in the industry, we will promote social understanding of TDK’s environmental contribution value.

Key CSR Issues (Materiality) Finalization Process

GRI-G4 made a revision from requiring comprehensive information disclosure to requiring information disclosure with the focus on materiality. The objective of this revision was to encourage companies to determine their reporting content purposefully by getting management to be more deeply involved in CSR.
TDK held discussions with stakeholders outside the company, implemented a dialogue with management, and finalized key CSR issues (materiality) through the following process.

▼Prior Stages (Fiscal 2013)
  1. Analysis of current circumstances

    In light of the GRI-G4 Guidelines, we analyzed current disclosure levels with regard to the contents and the degree of compliant and noncompliant items.

  2. Increasing understanding

    Relevant personnel took a GRI-G4 Certified Training Course to gain an accurate understanding of the intent of the GRI-G4 Guidelines.

  3. Organization of information sources

    In order to finalize materiality and broadly identified social issues, we confirmed how we collect opinions from each stakeholder group and how engage in dialogue with them.

▼Step1 (Fiscal 2014)

Identifying social issues

We confirmed the content of day-to-day communications from information sources by stakeholder group and conducted simulations of various social issues in light of ISO26000 and other international standards relating to CSR.

▼Step2 (Fiscal 2014)

Prioritizing material issues from TDK’s own perspective

We organized priorities from TDK’s own perspective into issues to be addressed with precedence (high priority), issues that be addressed with an understanding of social demand and requirements (medium priority), and issues which we should be aware of as future topics (low priority) based on management strategies, the degree of impact that the TDK Group’s business has on society, level of interest of stakeholders, and current responses with regard to the social issues identified above.

▼Step3 (Fiscal 2015)

Prioritization from stakeholders’ perspectives

We implemented prioritization from the stakeholders’ perspectives in two parts, a review of the CSR Report and dialogue.
In the first part, the review of the CSR Report, we selected experts in the areas where TDK operates business, that is, Asia, Europe, and the U.S., and heard their opinions about TDK’s activities from the perspectives of “praiseworthy efforts,” “efforts that hopefully can be improved,” and “social issues that should be aggressively addressed in the future.”
In light of the opinions that emerged in the review of the CSR Report, we examined and integrated the issues and held a dialogue between the experts and management. In the dialogue, the participants shared background information and, intermixing points that should be appraised or given importance from the perspective of stakeholders, discussed the issues that had been prioritized from TDK’s own perspective.

▼Step4 (Fiscal 2015)

Finalization of Key CSR Issues (Materiality)

We reconsidered the prioritization from the perspectives of TDK and stakeholders and, after gaining approval from the Executive Committee, finalized the Key CSR Issues (Materiality) of TDK Group.