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TDK – Diversity & Inclusion Policy

At TDK, we must have a diverse workforce to achieve our mission to contribute to industry and culture through creativity. Our broad range of products and solutions in electronics, energy, materials, and sensors are complex, pervasive and help make our daily lives better across the world that we share. TDK’s people imagine, design, develop, manufacture, and bring these products and solutions to life. We can achieve our mission because we welcome a global pool of cultures, disciplines, perspectives, languages, ideas, skills, and experiences.

Target of TDK Diversity & Inclusion Policy is to create as much value as possible for the company and the society out of such a unique global pool of human resources. We foster the talent of the people in the TDK Group by strengthening the links between them and by supporting a vivid exchange of thoughts and experiences.

As stated in our TDK Code of Conduct, we are committed to respect each employee’s individuality and shall establish reasonable and fair systems for human affairs and treatment of employees. The diversity of our employees - their cultures, nationalities, ages, genders, backgrounds, religions, beliefs, races, sexual orientations, disabilities, and characteristics - are a major driving force for our success. To date:

  • TDK was founded in Japan and its headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan, yet a big majority of our employees are situated outside of Japan.
  • TDK unites people from many different cultural origins, located in many countries.
  • TDK has employees in all age groups.
  • Woman represent a very important part of our workforce.
  • Continually support programs to improve our ability to communicate and collaborate.

Diverse teams help embrace different ideas and opinions, listen to each other, encourage development and lead to quality products and solutions that we all enjoy. We are strongly committed to building diverse teams that include all people.

As of April 2020