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Materiality-Specific Background

Importance in Our Company

At TDK, we consider our employees to be one of our most important key to carry out our corporate motto of “Contribute to culture and industry through creativity,” as well as in achieving ongoing growth over the medium to long term.
We therefore respect each of them as individuals, working to maximize their unique abilities and potential and at the same time encouraging a high level of independence.

Stakeholders’ Expectations

In tandem with implementing systems and a corporate culture that respect the differences and values of each of our employees, we also provide specific opportunities and the optimal environment designed to maximize the individual abilities and potential of our employees and to impart them with a significant degree of independence.

Basic Concept

Our aim at TDK is growth by way of becoming a genuine global company. In this connection, human resources development is considered a cornerstone concept. Along with identifying highly capable human resources and fostering an environment that draws out their individual abilities and potential, we also work to forge a corporate culture that respects the diversity of our human resources and also encourages mutual respect and recognition of efforts between our employees. Shaping a global business environment that attracts truly global personnel to the TDK Group, we at TDK are committed to generating innovative products and services on an ongoing basis and thereby doing our part for society in general.


The TDK Group has grown as an organization with a diverse workforce globally through multiple mergers and acquisitions (M&As). With a global Human Resources strategy based on the common foundation of the entire group, we promote the development of human resources who can continue to provide value by exploring diverse global issues and anticipating social needs.
We would like to introduce the voice of Andreas Keller, General Manager of Human Resources HQ, regarding the TDK Group's HR strategy that leads to the building of a sustainable society and growth of the company.

Through the Human Resources strategy from global and local perspectives, the TDK Group aims to become a company that continues to provide value to society by developing talented leaders and highly skilled employees.

Andreas Keller General Manager of Human Resources HQ

Andreas Keller
Corporate Officer
General Manager of Human Resources HQ

Create new value by sharing a common vision within the entire group and respecting the individuality of each other

In the midst of the global energy transformation (EX) and digital transformation (DX) trends, the TDK Group is about to enter a new era. We continue to focus on Monozukuri (manufacturing excellence – provide high quality and value-added products through advanced technology). Furthermore, through accelerating Kotozukuri (integrated solutions – provide an excellent user experience that meets customer’s need through products), we will anticipate what society truly needs in the future and stay ahead of the times. To achieve success in these new challenges, we need to be more closely connected and linked one another.

The TDK Group has a culture that values the individuality and working approach of every new consolidated subsidiary that has joined the Group, without forcing these group companies to adopt a style similar to the Company while respecting corporate governance. This “Cultural acceptance” has been a major reason why each Group Company has been able to achieve growth as part of the TDK Group while leveraging its own individual strengths to the greatest possible extent.
To realize further growth while effectively using the strength of true diversity, we will promote our Human Resources strategy under the concept of “ONE TDK” by sharing our visions and experiences throughout the Group.

Three initiatives in the TDK Group’s Global Human Resources Strategy

The TDK Group’s Global Human Resource strategy has three objectives under the policy of putting the best people in the best place at the best possible time.
Objective 1 is to develop future generations. We have started several programs to foster the next generation of leaders and functional experts. Objective 2 is to improve communication skills. Training programs to enhance English communication skills are available for employees around the world. Objective 3 seeks to establish a common Human Resources management platform. The idea is to achieve transparency of TDK’s talent pool and undertake Human Resources Development in the different organizations in the world.

Besides all that, several projects among others are already underway, such as creating guidelines that enable employees around the world to be sent from one organization to another and utilize talents effectively, constructing a new digital learning platform, a new succession planning process and global recruiting.

Achieve both the global common human resources development and the employee development system that enhances the skills and abilities required for employees at each workplace

In 2019, “Global Competencies” for Top Management positions at the TDK Group were developed in order to strengthen our global approach as “ONE TDK”. They define behavior characteristics that lead to high business performance, and also reflect our corporate motto, corporate principles and founding spirit.

The global management development programs, which foster the next generation of talent, consist of four different programs from junior to senior level. In these programs, participants can acquire leadership skills and generate new network and communication skills. It is a great opportunity to connect between the group companies, share their practice and vision and strengthen the interaction.

Global management development programs

On the other hand, for more than 100,000 employees worldwide, there are new efforts to realize "ONE TDK" at each site in each region.
Workers at manufacturing sites are very important for the TDK Group to make products with the high quality demanded by society, including customers. Because the skills required for each product and manufacturing process are different, we provide various training programs for workers at each workplace to acquire the necessary skills, in addition to common training such as product quality. We are also running a project to introduce a global Learning Management System to enhance these effects. It will be available 24/7, 365 days a year on all device (PC, mobile phone and others) to be able to cover all geographical regions. It also includes a collaboration tool around learning topics, so employees can engage and find experts groups within specific areas. This will improve individual skills of employees and also connect employees from around the world to realize “ONE TDK."

Under the spirit of "ONE TDK", we promote our global Human Resources strategy with the full synergy of the entire group. We believe that the TDK Group can continue to create new value in society and achieve both a sustainable society and corporate growth.