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Dissolution of Subsidiary

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May 28, 2008

TDK Corporation has announced that the Board of Directors today resolved to dissolve Allied Focus Industry Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of TDK headquartered in Hong Kong. Details are as follows.

  1. Reason for Dissolution
    TDK established Allied Focus Industry in 2003 to assemble and process electronic materials and components on a contract basis, in response to moves by TDK finished product clients to expand business in China and elsewhere. However, TDK has decided to dissolve Allied Focus Industry as this company has now fulfilled its initial goal.
  2. Outline of Allied Focus Industry
    (1) Company name  :  Allied Focus Industry Ltd.
    (2) Headquarters  :  Hong Kong
    (3) Representative  :  LO Kwok Fai
    (4) Business activities  :  Assembly and processing of electronic materials and components
    (5) Established  :  June 2003
    (6) Capital  :  HKD 50,000
    (7) TDK investment ratio  :  100%
  3. Schedule of Dissolution
    In line with legal procedures regarding company liquidation in Hong Kong, the Allied Focus Industry liquidation is scheduled to be completed in March 2009.
  4. Impact on TDK
    This change will have a negligible impact on TDK's consolidated financial results.

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