CSR Activities

Society and Environmental Considerations in the Supply Chain

Efforts as a Supplier

Implementing CSR Self-Evaluation

TDK has compiled the "TDK CSR Self-Check Sheet" based on EICC which is being used since 2009 for self-diagnosis at major production sites. The yearly self-evaluation serves to identify problems and promote efforts towards improvement in CSR activities at these sites, and it also enables us to swiftly respond to CSR surveys and inquiries from customers.

If there are any doubts with regard to responses on the check sheet, the CSR Group will look into the background of the issue. Direct visits to the site may be carried out as necessary, with the aim of properly assessing the local situation and promoting enhanced CSR awareness.

In fiscal 2014, self-evaluation was carried out at 53 sites, and in fiscal 2015, this number is to be expanded to 75 sites.

Implementing Voluntary Internal CSR Audits

In recent years, electronic equipment manufacturers which are TDK's customers frequently request for CSR audits in order to verify strict compliance with EICC and other CSR related initiatives.

As a supplier, TDK sees them as a good opportunity to further raise the level of our CSR activities. Regarding high-risk regions and production sites, as well as customer CSR audits, we conduct internal audits by thirdparty organizations once every two years.

In fiscal 2013-14, TDK implemented CSR internal audits at five sites. Including responses to customer audit requests, we undertook CSR audits at an aggregate total of 72 sites. Audits were conducted at all sites in China, where there is a high risk of labor issues. Each site made improvements regarding highlighted matters, and the CSR Group shared information with related head office functions, called for attention to be paid to these problems, and reflected them in countermeasures.

Deeper Understanding of CSR Audits

In the belief that it is important to systematically understand the requirements of customers with regard to CSR, and to establish a firm base for evaluating our own CSR activities with a view towards further enhancing their meaningfulness, TDK started a program of seminars aimed at fostering internal CSR audit personnel. This has been held yearly since fiscal 2012.
In FY 2014, training took place both in Japan and in China. In particular in China, where many audits are carried out, the emphasis was placed on case studies and quality training was provided at an even higher level than the previous year. The number of participants in the program up to fiscal 2014 amounts to an accumulated total of 121 persons.

Deeper Understanding of CSR Audits

Labor and Human Rights/Corporate Ethics Related Risk Assessment

TDK began risk assessments in the area of labor and human rights/corporate ethics in fiscal 2014, to establish a solid foundation for developing a suitable management system. From fiscal 2015, the program will be reviewed based on specific business content in order to further elevate the level of this endeavor.

Voice Responding to Customer Expectations with a High Level of CSR

I am currently assigned to CSR promotion at TDK Xiamen Co., Ltd. In order to promote CSR throughout the entire supply chain, I believe that it is our responsibility as a supplier to respond to the CSR standards required by customers. At TDK Xiamen, we have received CSR audits on five occasions since our CSR Promotion Office was launched in 2013. The standards required by customers get higher each time, and the audits have become increasingly rigorous. So each audit poses a challenge for us, but we have been able to pass all of these audits due to thorough preparations, which include people in charge sharing audit aims, communicating closely with one another, and getting an understanding of the situation. As a trend in CSR auditing recently, the maturity of our CSR management system has increasingly come into question, including topics such as the tasks of people in charge, assessment methods, and the sharing of audit results, so we must respond appropriately, including in the revision of our conduct guidelines. We will continue to make relentless efforts toward improvement and build a more systemic and effective mechanism.

Shelly Chen

Shelly Chen
CSR Promotion Office,
TDK Xiamen Co., Ltd.