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Develop and Prosper in Harmony with the Global Environment

  • The importance to our company

    To support sustainable development of society, the TDK Group unites in the quest to reduce CO2 emissions, effluents and waste in production activities, and otherwise use its business activities to minimize the global environmental load.

  • Expectations by stakeholders

    TDK complies with all environmental laws and regulations, working to lower the environmental load of its business activities, promote and invigorate the natural environment and advance other basic initiatives. Through its products, the Group also contributes to reducing energy consumption and implementing climate change countermeasures.

Basic Policy

As stated in the TDK Environmental Charter, “Develop and Prosper in Harmony with the Global Environment” is one of the TDK Group’s most important business themes. “TDK Environmental Vision 2035” has been established to contribute to developing a sustainable society. Based on this vision, “TDK Environment, Health and Safety Action 2025” has been formulated as a basic action plan for specific steps. The Company also strives to formulate industry standards for gauging product contribution, thereby promoting greater social understanding of the value of its eco-friendly contributions

Important themes and direction of efforts

Centering on the supervisory division, TDK sets targets for each fiscal year and promotes activities based on the future direction of efforts for each important theme (see below for reference).
The management approach to each theme, specific efforts, and achievements are shown on each report page (related links).

Reduce environmental load throughout life cycle stage

[Direction of efforts]

  • Understanding of environmental load at each life cycle stages
  • Establishment of method for converting each environmental load into CO2 emissions
  • Implementation of activities to reduce environmental load at each life cycle stages


  • Safety and Environment Function

Creating a framework for gauging product contributions

[Direction of efforts]

  • Formulation and establishment of common industrial standards
  • Dissemination of formulated standards


  • Safety and Environment Function