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Chapter 1 : Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Motto and Corporate Principles

Corporate Motto

Corporate Motto

Kenzo Saito founded TDK (then called Tokyo Denki Kagaku Kogyo) in 1935 to commercialize ferrite, an original material of Japan, after being deeply impressed by the words of Dr. Yogoro Kato, the inventor of ferrite, who said, "The true industry means the industry with originality created by our own technology." Saito’s founding spirit of creativity―as he said, "Create value that does not yet exist in the world by inventing something new from its material"―was turned into TDK’s Corporate Motto in 1967.

Corporate Principles

Corporate Principles

The Corporate Principles indicate the ideal mindset that employees should have for TDK to continue to grow as a good company that can contribute to society. Together with the Corporate Motto, they serve as a moral support for employees working for TDK.

Always take a new step forward with a vision in mind. Creation and construction are not born without vision.
Always perform with courage. Performing power is born by confronting contradiction and overcoming it.
Always try to build trust. Trust is born from a spirit of honesty and service.

Implementation of the Corporate
Philosophy: Toward TDK’s 100th Anniversary in 2035

The Corporate Motto of TDK is "Contribute to culture and industry through creativity". This motto is a reflection of the company’s founding spirit of commercializing ferrite. Our Corporate Principles, meanwhile, are "vision, courage, and trust".
TDK’s corporate philosophy explains the purpose and objectives of our business in condensed form. In order for a company to grow, however, while sticking to its essence, it needs to adapt its interpretations and thinking to the times.
The new "Corporate Vision, Vision2035" and "TDK Value" precepts stipulate the direction in which the company should advance toward our 100th anniversary in 2035 and guidelines that we should follow for the implementation of our corporate philosophy.
The Corporate Vision, Vision2035, expresses the company’s founding mission and spirit from past, present, and future perspectives and indicates the direction in which the company should advance toward our 100th anniversary in 2035.
The "TDK Value" precepts consist of four categories and specifically describe the potential and development of the positive corporate culture that TDK has built up as a foundation over the years. All members of the TDK Group should share and practice these values.

Implementation of the Corporate Philosophy: Toward TDK’s 100th Anniversary in 2035

Corporate Vision (Vision 2035)

The Corporate Vision, called Vision2035, explains TDK’s founding objectives and spirit, its past four major innovations, contributions utilizing its global resources, and efforts to implement the Corporate Motto. It indicates TDK’s vision―what TDK’s goals are and what it is aiming for―from past, present, and future perspectives and the direction in which the company should advance toward its 100th anniversary in 2035.

Corporate Vision (Vision 2035)
In recognition of ferrite’s enormous contribution to social development, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in 2009 presented the IEEE Milestone award to TDK, which goes to products considered to be technological heritage of the world, for the “Development of Ferrite Materials and Their Applications.”

TDK was founded in 1935 from the vision and belief of the founder, who wanted to "commercialize ferrite, a made-in-Japan magnetic material, and contribute to the development of society."

TDK has made four major innovations of which it can be justly proud (ferrite material, magnetic tape, multilayer components, and magnetic heads) and has continued to create products that support social development.

Looking to the future, as a company consistently forging a path of innovation, TDK intends to continue contributing to the creation of customer value through the supply of high-quality products and services and by utilizing its diverse global management resources.

TDK will continue to steadily "Contribute to culture and industry through creativity" by earnestly addressing the theme of "revitalizing and protecting the global environment and creating a pleasant and safe society."