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TDK Charter of Corporate Behavior

The TDK Group recognizes its role in resolving social issues through creativity and contributing to society. The TDK Group will continue to respect human rights, comply with relevant laws and regulations and international rules, and will discharge its social responsibility with a strong sense of ethical values for the purpose of creating a sustainable society, in accordance with the following ten principles:

  1. The TDK Group shall earn the satisfaction, trust and support of customers and other stakeholders, by consistently pursuing creativity, and producing and providing socially beneficial and safe products/services.
  2. The TDK Group shall take part in fair, transparent and free competition and appropriate corporate activities. The TDK Group shall maintain a sound relationship with political bodies and governmental agencies.
  3. The TDK Group shall actively and widely communicate with society, in addition to stakeholders, and shall actively and fairly disclose its corporate information. In addition, the TDK Group shall, in a thorough manner, ensure the security of confidential information held by the TDK Group, and shall appropriately protect any information received by its customers and suppliers, as well as any other individual information.
  4. The TDK Group shall respect the diversity, personality, and individuality of its employees and shall ensure a safe and comfortable working environment, thereby achieving a sense of comfort and fulfillment.
  5. The TDK Group shall always appreciate the earth, and shall proactively engage in activities to address environmental issues. We recognize that such activities are common challenges for humankind and important to the continued existence of the activities of the TDK Group.
  6. The TDK Group, as "a good corporate citizen," shall always seek to harmoniously coexist with society, through active contributions to society, including activities in sport, culture and art and volunteer activities.
  7. The TDK Group shall take a firm stance against, and shall sever any relationships with, antisocial forces and organizations that pose a threat to the order and security of citizens in society.
  8. The TDK Group shall adapt to the trend of globalization of corporate activities, and shall perform its corporate activities while respecting local culture and customs and the interests of stakeholders, complying with the laws and regulations of each country/jurisdiction and respecting all relevant international rules including human rights.
  9. The TDK Group’s top management shall, in recognition of its role to achieve the spirit of this Charter, take responsibility for ensuring that the TDK Group itself and its group companies commit to it and encourage its business partners to do the same. In addition, the TDK Group’s top management shall always heed any internal and external opinions and establish effective internal systems to achieve the spirit of this Charter.
  10. In the event that this Charter is violated, the TDK Group’s top management shall be in charge of resolving the issue, strive to determine its cause, and prevent similar violations in the future. At the same time, the TDK Group’s top management shall disclose necessary information promptly and accurately, be accountable, clarify who holds authority and who is responsible, and impose appropriate punishment upon relevant persons, including itself.