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The TDK Group has grown rapidly through multiple mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Today, only 10% of TDK personnel are now located in Japan and roughly 80% have joined the group through M&As. TCDP (Territorial Career Development Program) was launched in 2018 with the aim to develop the next generation leaders from our diverse employees within the group.

What’s TCDP (Territorial Career Development Program)?

TCDP was built on a career development program of the same name which TDK Electronics started in Greater China ten years ago. In 2018, this successful training program was rolled out in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. The TCDP prepares talents from all over the world to become the next generation leaders of TDK. In addition, the TCDP will support global succession planning for key positions and the development of globally-capable leaders who can contribute in various fields.
Through this nine-months program, it is expected the participants selected from each of the four regions to become able to exercise their abilities in diverse fields and cultures. This program aims to deepen the understanding of the basic methods and principles used in management, develop leadership skills, increase employee engagement, and generally improve our management competence. With the TDK group members selected from all over the world, participants take part in the classroom training, group projects and factory visits. It provides opportunities for participants to deepen engagement between employees who rarely communicate with each other in their daily work. It also intends to foster the spirit of One TDK by building solid relations in between the diverse TDK group employees.


The first round of TCDP in 2018 took place in each of the four regions, Asia, the Americas, Europe and Greater China with a duration of 9 months. The TCDP aims at employees of any function from any location within the TDK group. In the selection process, local site leaders propose candidates. Participants will then be selected from among these candidates by a committee of management representatives in each territory. The program is held in English and consists of five training sessions that take place at different TDK sites in each region, giving participants a chance to get to know as many of the company's business fields as possible. It is the TCDP’s unique approach to having a group project activity with a team of 5~6 members, in addition to the classroom training and lecture-style studies. The participants are working together in group projects and have to apply the skills they have learned within the TCDP. At the end of the program, they present the culmination of their efforts to their territorial committee.

FY2018 Schedule (April 2018 - March 2019)

Territory Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
Greater China Zhuha-Hongqi Dalian Xiaogan Xiamen Hong Kong
Europe Deutschlandsberg Szombathey Karmiel Paris Munich
Asia Singapore Ayutthaya Seoul Johor Bahru Tokyo
Americas New York Lincolnshire San Jose Gravatai New York


From Global HR team

Diversity from over 100,000 group employees is one of strengths of the TDK Group. Uniting the group employees under a common vision can create new value. This initiative will improve dialogue within the group by building closer relationships between employees all over the world, and develop individual abilities in performing daily work. We believe it can lead to enhance the competitiveness of the TDK group.

Carsten Kueck Head of Training & Development
Global HR Division
Human Resources HQ
TDK Corporation

Karine Le Heiget Deputy Head of Training & Development
Global HR Division
Human Resources HQ
TDK Corporation

Toshinobu Sato Deputy Head of Training & Development
Global HR Division
Human Resources HQ
TDK Corporation

Achievement and future plan

The first round of TCDP has been very successful. The participants worked on group projects with topics that outline inspiring ideas and new approaches pointing out opportunities for improvement. For example, members of the TCDP in Asia created a board game in order to enhance cross-functional knowledge. In Europe, participants launched a social pilot project to renovate parts of a migration center. In the Americas and in Europe, two project groups each had the idea to develop a common platform so employees can connect and share knowledge and therefore be able to work more efficiently. Some of the projects could even be implemented meanwhile or already take the next steps in this direction.
The second TCDP round in 2019 have already started, and the high number of applications shows the positive resonance the program is getting by managers as well.

Voice of participants

  • Daniel Tran Viet DungTDK Singapore (Pte) Ltd.

    I not only could learn leadership concept in theory, but also applied the knowledge through many interactive sessions in this 3-days training. Besides, the cross-division relationship opens my eyes to a bigger & more complete TDK. It is giving me a unique experience which I strongly believe will benefit my work in both short- and long-term.

  • Kyung Dae LeeTDK Electronic Korea Corporation

    It was a significant opportunity to meet people from different countries and different work this time. I would like to make an effort to grow myself through this opportunity and I will try to connect to the growth of TDK Group.

  • Yew Hong LumTDK (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

    Firstly, before I join the TCDP, I worry the main barrier for us is communication, due to varies country, site, language, function, and background. But, after 4 days, my thought was totally different, we actually communicate very well no matter who you are, what position you belong to, or what is your job scope.

  • Diogo Gonsalves da SilveiraTDK Electronics do Brasil Ltda.

    This first module made it possible to increase self-awareness and realize that we can always learn more about any topic. Leadership is not a tool, it is a skill that must be developed. And now I feel more motivated and focused on building those skills so that I can also help more people develop and contribute to corporate growth.

  • Thomas LenekeTDK-Micronas GmbH

    At the beginning, we were skeptical, if a training with 25 persons from different cultures, countries and TDK groups can be successful - and it can! The first evening, we already started to talk intensively about private and professional commonalities.

  • Gayatri KulkarniTDK India Private Limited

    TCDP has been an essential learning experience. It was interactive and impacted every one of us on our journey of self-exploration. Self-awareness is an important part of who you are and how you can evolve. It is the core of your personal being.