Sustainability | Environment | Environmental Policy and Environmental VisionThe TDK Group Occupational Health/Safety and Environmental Charter

In terms of the environment, based on the charter, the TDK Group is committed to reducing the environmental load across the product lifecycle, including Procurement, Development/Production, Logistics, and Use to Disposal. These activities have a ripple effect throughout the value chain, such as suppliers, sub-contractors, other business partners as well as our customers. "All business operations" stated in the Basic Principle on the Environment includes due diligence on investment in new businesses and mergers and acquisitions.
In terms of the health and safety, we aim to form safe and healthy workplace environments. On the basis of the charter, we prioritize our activities and set action plans. As a basic plan for specific activities, TDK has formulated the Health and Safety Basic Plan, which it strives to implement with the aim of reducing the number of significant labor accidents to zero.
Health and safety and Environmental activities are promoting within the framework of the Management System, which integrates corporate management and environmental management. Since the active participation of our employees is essential to these activities, we conduct awareness-raising activities and training necessary to deepen employees' understanding. In addition, we strive to continuously improve our activities by appropriately disclosing information to our stakeholders and actively communicating with them.