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Our Approach

TDK Global HR is further developing the Global Management Development Programs which seek to develop TDK’s future leaders. Since the COVID-19 breakout, Global HR adapted the programs to ensure the continuity of TDK’s global training and development activities and to seize the opportunity for innovative learning. In that respect the trainings were shifted from face-to-face to online mode or a blended approach: by redesigning the programs by using digital technology as an asset to provide the best possible learning experience to the participants – even during unpredictable times.

Global Management Development Training


TDK has established the Global HR Department within the Global Human Resources Division to develop various policies on a global scale.

Fiscal 2022 Goals, Achievements and Future Activities

Fiscal 2022 Goals Achievements
Continue Territorial Career Development Program (TCDP) Successful continuity of the TCDP in all territories by combining on-site and online facilitation.
In total 89 participants attended in TCDP in FY 2022 worldwide.
Launch Global Management Program (GMP) Successful roll-out of GMP by shifting the program to online sessions and adapting the design to the new circumstances.
Due to the unique reformation system in GMP of half of the participants each year, the new GMP announced participants will join 18 already enrolled former program participants. In total we welcome 44 participants in the GMP FY 2022 cohort.
Keep on developing the talents and competencies through Global Advanced Management Program (Global AMP) and creating a valuable program experience Evaluating the situation of the program given by the uncertainties surrounding the Covid crisis, the fact that the participants are located worldwide and the goal to provide an impactful learning, bonding and networking, Global HR decided to postpone the program to FY2023.
Introduce Global Executive Management Program (GEMP) Further developing and integrating the GEMP initiatives into the long-term strategy of TDK.

Future Activities

Fiscal 2023 Goals
TCDP: Continue the program by incorporating blended learning & new digital technology into the journey (~80 - 100 participants).
GMP: Successful roll-out of the training modules by adjusting the schedule and training content to the circumstances. No new nomination period for FY2023 due to a virtual transition year in FY2022 (GMP members will stay the same in FY2022 & FY2023, means 44 participants in total).
Global AMP: Successful run of the FY2023 cohort (~25 participants per year).

Concrete Activities

TCDP (Territorial Career Development Program)

The Territorial Career Development Program (TCDP) originally started in TDK Electronics Greater China more than thirteen years ago. Since 2018, Global HR has have deployed TCDP on a territorial scale (Greater China, Asia, Americas, and Europe).

TCDP provides training around Leadership Essentials, People Management, Driving Change, Inspiring Communication and Presentation, and Value Creation.
The goal of TCDP is to strengthen performance, motivation and professional maturity of talented employees, to develop leadership and management competencies as to ensure the continuity of talented management within the TDK Group. The objective is also to create a strong bond and partnership between TDK members from different sites, cultures, and experience. Participants work on a “real-life” team project throughout the program. The projects provide participants the opportunity to apply what they are learning in each face-to-face module. At the last module of TCDP, they present the culmination of their efforts to a TCDP Committee and get a final appreciation for their work and overall learning journey. This active learning is a crucial part of the program’s DNA.
The program is designed in five training sessions (four modules in Americas with same training contents) over a 9-month period. In the event that live sessions can take place, the participants meet at different TDK companies and sites in the respective territory. If travelling is not possible, the sessions are held online, the design and the schedule being adapted to this virtual format.
A dedicated TCDP Learning channel is available on the TDK Digital Learning platform ‘Weconnect”. This complements and enriches the learning journey with a blended approach.
TCDP is aimed for talented employees, having managerial or supervisory experience and high potential for future growth, of any function from any location within the TDK group. Each cohort in each territory is limited to 25 participants. The program is held in English.

Business benefits :

  • TCDP develops the next generation leaders.
  • TCDP supports global succession planning for key positions and the development of globally capable leaders who can contribute in diverse fields and cultures.
  • TCDP enables deepen understanding of management methods and principles, develop leadership skills, increases employee engagement and self-awareness.
  • TCDP participants build stronger bonding and partnership among TDK members towards a TDK United.

GMP (Global Management Program)

GMP is aimed to be a personal and professional management development program for talented, engaged TDK employees having several years of management experience, and showing high potential for further growth within the TDK Group.
The program widens perspectives beyond own functions, increases leadership skills, creates awareness about TDK´s organizational structure & the challenges of General Management, and offers the opportunity to create stronger bonding and partnership among different TDK entities, functions, cultures and experiences.
The program runs over a period of two years with the unique reformation of half of the participants each year. The overall journey consists of six face-to-face modules of 2.5 days each and taking place at various TDK locations worldwide if the situation allows. The GMP cohort consists of up to 50 participants, who are distributed into two groups of up to 25 participants each, to ensure the best possible learning, interactions and group dynamics. The allocation to the two groups is based on their main working activity. Within the journey of six sessions, 2 are held in plenary (the complete cohort of 50 participants are together) and 4 are held in two groups of 25 participants.
Each module is driven by a main content stream such as “Leadership & Intercultural Training”, or “TDK’s DNA” and “Global Sales”. In addition, a dedicated GMP Learning channel is available in the TDK Digital Learning platform ‘Weconnect’. It complements and enriches the leaning journey with a blended approach.

Business benefits:

  • GMP enhances participants’ network, knowledge, leadership skills and understanding of TDK organizational structure & challenges.
  • GMP supports global succession planning by empowering participants in their career development towards upper management positions.
  • GMP widens the perspectives of the participants beyond their business scope and to learn about the complexity of General Management.
  • GMP expands partnership among TDK Network members towards a TDK United.

Global AMP (Global Advanced Management Program)

Global Advanced Management Program (Global AMP) introduced in 2019 is aimed to develop future leaders and to strengthen their competences around strategy, change management & innovation management.
The goal of the program is to support & empower participants in their transition to executive level roles, to learn and practice the tenets of transformational and inspirational leadership and to create stronger bonding and partnership among TDK Group companies.
An integral part of the Global AMP journey is the project based learning approach which is linked to TDK strategic issues and which enables an immediate learning application and knowledge sharing in the TDK context. At the end of the Global AMP journey, the participants present their project to the TDK Top Management.
Global AMP is offered yearly. The original design of the journey is a 7-month program, encompassing 3 face-to-face modules and one online module, in total 14 training days.The program can also be held online, upon adjustment of the design and the schedule of the sessions. Participants are either General Managers or newly appointed General Managers and Deputy General Managers (or candidates who are newly promoted to such positions). Each cohort is limited to 20-25 participants. The program is held in English.

Business benefits :

  • Global AMP is build upon and serves the TDK Corporate values, culture and mid-term plan.
  • Global AMP supports global succession planning by empowering participants in their transition to executive level roles.
  • Global AMP develops ability for strategic vision and thinking, innovation and strategy execution.
  • Global AMP participants create stronger bonding and partnership among TDK Group companies towards TDK United.

GEMP (Global Executive Management Program)

The Global Executive Management Program (GEMP) introduced in 2020 is about leveraging diversity and becoming a “top manager of change” and about detecting and managing innovation that leads to business development strategies.
The goal of GEMP is to create stronger bonding and collaboration among TDK Group companies and corporate functions starting at the highest levels of the hierarchy. This supports TDK in its mission of creating a stronger company resilience through the deployment of inspiring top class leadership crossing borders and cultures.
GEMP bridges the Eastern and Western Leadership Philosophy and contributes to develop the new generation of TDK Group Executives. Strategic issues are brought into projects with the objectives of serving the mid-term and building the long-term plan of TDK, and of presenting these visionnary projects to TDK’s Top Management. Individual coaching sessions support the participants in their development journey to become inspiring global leaders.
The journey is orginally designed in 3 face-to-face modules of 5/4/4 days, in total about 7 months. The modules can take place in Barcelona, India, and in Tokyo. The locations can change every cohort in order to adapt to the TDK context and to serve the GEMP journey appropriately. Upon the circumstances, sessions can also be held online while adapting the design and schedule.
Participants are either potential or newly appointed Corporate Officers. Each cohort is limited to 10–15 participants. The program is held in English.
The program may not be held every year as it is triggered by the Succession planning of Top Executive positions. It can also be prolonged beyond one year to support the participants in turning their vision into reality, a second and crucial phase of the GEMP.

Business benefits :

  • The GEMP program reinforces TDK’s sustainable strategy, speed and value creation approach among the participants, related group companies, and corporate functions.
  • GEMP brings the participants to a higher level of awareness regarding the mega trends and major transformations; creates synergies to increase business, cost efficiency and overall resilience of TDK.
  • GEMP brings the participants in the position of envisioning TDK’s sustainable growth and contribution to the world, and preparing the foundation for the next mid-term plan (and potentially long-term strategy).

World-wide English & Communication Training

TDK Group commenced the Global Communication & English initiative in order to bolster and enhance communication fluency amongst our employees worldwide in 2018. Over the last 4 years, the GCE team has established an annual schedule of pre-test, training & post-training test. GCE training has also expanded to meet special requirements, such as intensive course for those who need to improve their English communication skills in a short period of time, business skills training and also language training in languages other than English. The GCE project will now also extend to offering communication training on TDK Weconnect, TDK's digital learning platform.