Sustainability | Society | Safety and HealthOHSAS18001 (ISO45001) Certification (As of June 30th 2020)

Facility Country Certificate Number Examined by
TDK Corp.
  • Safety & Environment Group of Sustainability Promotion HQ
  • Mikumagawa Plant
  • Kofu Plant
  • Narita Plant
  • Shizuoka Plant
  • Inakura Plant
  • Nikaho Plant North Site
  • Nikaho Plant South Site
  • Honjo Plant West Site
TDK Akita Corporation
  • Inakura Plant
  • Nikaho Plant North Site
  • Nikaho Plant South Site
  • Honjo Plant West Site
  • Kitakami Plant
  • Ouchi Plant
  • Iwaki Plant
  • Honjo Plant East Site
TDK Shonai Corp.
  • Tsuruoka Plant
  • Sakata Plant
  • Iida Plant
  • Tsuruoka East Plant
TDK-Lambda Corp.
Japan 3994704 BV
TDK China Co., Ltd.
  • TDK (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • TDK Dalian Corporation
  • Qingdao TDK Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • TDK Xiamen Co., Ltd.
P.R. China CNBJ312478-UK BV
SAE Magnetics (Dongguan) Limited* P.R. China 02117S10810R3M CCCI
AFI Technologies (Chang An) Ltd.* P.R. China 02119S10030R4L CCCI
Amperex Technology Ltd.* P.R. China CN18/30212 SGS
TDK Dongguan Technology Co., Ltd.Dongguan Changan Huanan Electronics Factory P.R. China 02118S10383R1L CCCI
TDK Taiwan Corporation Taiwan 20003153 BSOH DQS
InvenSense Taiwan Co., Ltd. Taiwan TW17/00862 SGS
TDK Korea Corporation Korea IND17.6210U/HS BV
TDK Philippines Corporation Philippine CH16/1094.00 SGS
TDK (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand 488005 BSOH DQS
Magnecomp Precision Technology Public Co., Ltd. Rojana Plant Wangnoi Plant Thailand 25884/E/0002/UK/En
Hutchinson Technology Operations (Thailand) Co., LTD. Thailand 81791/D/0001/UK/En URS
TDK (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 01 113 117285 TUV
TDK-Lambda EMEA UK OHS609627 BSI
TDK-Lambda Ltd.* Israel 106055 IQNet
  • * Facilities with ISO 45001 certification