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TDK to Acquire Own Shares Through ToSTNeT-3

February 29, 2012

At the Board of Directors meeting held on February 29, 2012, TDK Corporation (the “Company”) resolved to acquire its own shares under Article 156, as applied pursuant to paragraph 3, Article 165, of the Companies Act, with a specific acquisition method, as follows.

  1. Reason for acquisition of own shares
    The Company decided to acquire its own shares with the aim of improving capital efficiency and ensuring a flexible capital strategy in the future.
  2. Acquisition Method
    The Company will place an order to purchase shares at 8:45 a.m. on March 1, 2012 through ToSTNeT-3 (Tokyo Stock Exchange Trading Network System). The price for the shares in the buy-order shall be ¥4,240, the closing price of the Company’s ordinary shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on February 29, 2012 (closing price transaction). (There will be no change to the trading method or time.) The aforementioned buy-order applies only to the time mentioned above.
  3. Details of acquisition
    (1) Type of shares to be acquired: TDK Corporation common stock
    (2) Number of shares to be acquired: Up to 3,125,000 shares
    (2.4% of the total number of issued shares (excluding treasury stock))
    (3) Total cost: Up to ¥13,250,000,000
    • Note 1: The number of shares to be acquired is fixed. Depending on the market conditions, however, there is a likelihood that some or all of the shares may not be acquired.
    • Note 2: Acquisition transactions will be made on the shares on sell-orders which correspond to the maximum number of shares to be acquired.
  4. Announcement of own share acquisition result
    The result of the share acquisition will be announced after the trading time of 8:45 a.m. on March 1, 2012.
(Reference) Treasury stock holdings as of January 31, 2012

Total number of TDK shares issued (excluding treasury stock): 129,009,780 shares.
Total number of treasury stock: 580,879 shares

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