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TDK Delists American Depositary Shares (ADSs) From NYSE

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April 28, 2009

TDK Corporation ("TDK" or "the Company") today announced the delisting of its American Depositary Shares ("ADSs") from the New York Stock Exchange (the "NYSE") effective as of April 27, 2009. TDK's Board of Directors approved the delisting on April 7, 2009 and the Company filed a delisting application with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") on April 17, 2009.

As previously announced on April 7, 2009, TDK intends to maintain its American Depositary Receipt (ADR) program in the U.S. as a Level 1 ADR Program following the delisting, meaning that the ADSs can still be traded in the U.S. over-the-counter market.

  1. Delisting date:
    April 27, 2009
  2. Stock Exchanges Listings Maintained:
    Tokyo Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange
  3. For inquiries concerning TDK's ADSs, please contact:
    Citibank ADR Shareholder Services (toll free)
    Tel: 1-877-248-4237 (during normal business hours (8:30 AM - 6:00 PM, New York Time))

For further information, contact the Corporate Communications Dept.
Tel.: 81-3-6778-1055