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TDK Develops, Begins Mass Production of Industry's First* Low-Profile, Low ESL1 Multilayer Capacitor

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Low ESL, low-profile capacitor simplifies circuit design and reduces the number of components

TDK Develops, Begins Mass Production of Industry
TDK Develops, Begins Mass Production of Industry's First Low-Profile, Low ESL Multilayer Capacitor

September 8, 2008

TDK Corporation announced today that it successfully developed and began mass production in August of three low-profile, low ESL multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (0816 size, 1005 size, and 0510 size) that are just 0.3 mm high (0.35 mm max.)-about 40% slimmer than earlier TDK products.

In conjunction with the development in recent years of smaller and lighter electronic devices with advanced functions and higher speeds such as PCs and mobile phones, electrical circuits have also become more compact with higher degrees of integration and use higher frequencies. There are also strong calls for lower power consumption, and there is a movement towards ICs and LSI that run on low voltage. As a result, compact, high-capacity, low ESL multilayer ceramic chip capacitors with outstanding high-frequency properties are increasingly being used as decoupling2 capacitors to control voltage variations. Recently, even lower-profile capacitors have become necessary.

TDK responded to these market needs by using its specialized materials and multilayering technologies to develop low-profile, low ESL multilayer capacitors that are 40% slimmer than earlier TDK products with the same characteristics. These products make possible 40% reductions in volume and weight compared to previous products and meet the need for compact components with smaller mounting footprints.

In light of these properties, TDK expects that the products will be used in ultra-mobile PCs and other mobile information terminals, contributing to reductions in the number of components used, space savings, and product miniaturization.

  • * As of September 2008, according to TDK investigations.

  1. ESL: Equivalent series inductance.
  2. Decoupling: Elimination of the effects of noise from other circuits.
Main Features
  1. These products maintain the characteristics necessary for controlling voltage variations in low-voltage driven components such as ICs and LSI while achieving a 40% reduction in height (0.35 mm max.) compared to earlier TDK products.
  2. Lead free, suitable for mounting with lead-free solder, and RoHS compliant.
Main Characteristics
Format C0510X6S0G224M C0510X6S0G474M C0816X6S0G474M C1005X6S0G474M
Dimensions 0.5×1.0×0.3mm 0.5×1.0×0.3mm 0.8×1.6×0.3mm 1.0×0.5×0.3mm
Capacitance 0.22µF 0.47µF 0.47µF 0.47µF
Temperature properties X6S (-55°C - 105°C) X6S (-55°C - 105°C) X6S (-55°C - 105°C) X6S (-55°C - 105°C)
Rated voltage 4V 4V 4V 4V
Production and Sales Plan
  • Production location : Akita region
  • Production capacity : 700 million units/month

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