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TDK Launches Industry's First* Thin-Film Common Mode Filter for DisplayPort

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- Improves Signal Quality on High-Speed Transmission Lines -

Industry's First* Thin-Film Common Mode Filter for DisplayPort

July 15, 2008

TDK Corporation announced today that it has developed a wide-band thin-film common mode filter for EMI*1 suppression on DisplayPort*2 interfaces, an industry first.* The new product which carries the designation TCM1210U-500-2P will be available from this month.

The new filter measures 1.25 mm (L) x 1.0 mm (W) x 0.6 mm (T) in size and is designed specifically to suppress noise on DisplayPort connections, a new standard for signal transmission between computers or audiovisual equipment and display monitors at speeds that exceed even HDMI (2.25 Gbit/s). A DisplayPort link uses up to four lines, each rated for 2.7 Gbit/s, resulting in a total transfer rate of 10.8 Gbit/s. The demand for EMI suppression components in this area is expected to grow significantly in the near future.

In order to create a product to meet this demand, TDK applied its industry-leading expertise in thin-film magnetic head technology (including original fine pattern conductor formation and film formation technologies). With a cutoff frequency of 8.0 GHz, the rating of the new filter is 2 GHz higher than that of the existing thin-film common mode filter for HDMI (TCM1210H-900-2P). As a result, the filter offers effective noise control without degrading the outstanding transmission characteristics of high-speed differential transmission line signals.

  • * As of July 1, 2008, according to TDK investigations.

 *1 EMI: Electromagnetic Interference
EMI suppression refers to measures designed to prevent electronic devices from emitting electromagnetic noise. In addition, measures against electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) are designed to prevent interference from external sources of noise. The two types of measures are together referred to as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) countermeasures.
 *2 DisplayPort: A standard for connection of computers and audiovisual equipment to display monitors.
The standard was announced by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) in May 2005 and approved in May 2006.
Main Applications
EMI countermeasures on high-speed data transmission lines in notebook computers, audiovisual equipment, and other electronic devices.
Main Features
  1. Industry's first common mode filter for DisplayPort interfaces
  2. Cutoff frequency raised to 8 GHz to support high-speed data transmission
Main Characteristics
Product designation Common mode impedance (ohms)
[at 100 MHz] (typ.)
Rated current Rated voltage
TCM1210U-500-2P 50 100mA 10V
Production and Sales Plan
  • Production location: Japan
  • Start of sample shipping: July 2008

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