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Dissolution of Subsidiary

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Dissolution of Subsidiary

December 10, 2007

TDK Corporation announced that the Board of Directors today resolved to dissolve TDK UK Limited, a consolidated subsidiary of TDK headquartered in the United Kingdom.

  1. Reason for Dissolution
    TDK established TDK UK to sell recording media products in the UK. However, TDK has decided to dissolve TDK UK because of reorganization in the recording media business.
  2. Outline of TDK UK
    (1) Company name  :  TDK UK Limited
    (2) Headquarters  :  Hertfordshire, UK
    (3) President  :  Keisuke Igarashi
    (4) Business activities  :  Inactive
    (5) Established  :  October 30, 1973
    (6) Capital  :  £3,900,000 (Approx. ¥900 million)
    (7) TDK investment ratio  :  100% (Indirect ownership)
  3. Schedule of Dissolution
    In line with UK legal procedures regarding company liquidation, the TDK UK liquidation is scheduled to be completed after May 2008.
  4. Impact on TDK
    This change will have a negligible impact on TDK's consolidated results.

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