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Guide to the TDK Booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2007

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Guide to the TDK Booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2007

Guide to the TDK Booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2007

October 2, 2007

The overall theme of this year's booth is "Giving Shape to Technology…TDK." Based on this theme, the booth displays various forms in which customers use TDK's element technologies, that is to say, it exhibits TDK's latest products and technologies.

Live presentations using large-screen displays to create impact will be conducted on the stage at the front of the booth. Also, the booth is divided into a Future Zone and a New Side Zone. In the Future Zone, the current and future potential of TDK's many energy-related and element technologies is presented through various demonstrations. The New Side Zone uses PCs and medium-size monitors to display and present new products that can contribute to customers in TDK's areas of strength such as recording, communications, and noise countermeasures in ways that will lead to specific business opportunities.

Leading Products and Technologies Displayed in the TDK Booth Zones
  • Future Zone
    Demonstrations are used to explain clearly how electronic components that present few opportunities to see in day-to-day activities are currently used and will be used in the future such as energy-related technologies including solar cells, electric double-layer capacitors, and contactless electric supply system ferrite cores as well as super magnetostrictors and ITO films.
  • New Side Zone
    On display are new products and technologies such as HDD heads, modular products, Flash memory controller ICs, organic EL displays, power supply products, ultra-wide band (UWB) products, passive components for mobile devices, and Blu-ray disc technologies.
Booth Location

Booth 4E42, Hall 4, Passive Components Zone, Electronic Components, Devices & Industrial Equipment Stage

For further information, contact the Corporate Communications Dept.
Tel.: 81-3-6778-1055